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How Early Intervention Changed My Son’s Life

Free access to quality care accelerated his recovery after a prenatal stroke.

"If you’re worried that your child has delays, I would encourage you to seek out Early Intervention services and to ask for recommendations to find the best therapists in your area and a good service coordinator, the person who oversees your case.
It was difficult to hear that our baby had a disability that would affect him for the rest of his life. But with the help of his therapists, we’re optimistic that our resilient son will have a full life."
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Podcast Recommendation!

Sober Co. with Recovery Coach Laurie Quinn

Lacey and Nik welcome recovery coach Laurie Quinn answers listeners' questions about their loved ones in active addiction or in early recovery. They talk a lot about compassion, triggers, what to do with the anger you feel, and how to support someone when they get out of rehab. Listen HERE
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