This Sunday
Sunday, March 29
5th Sunday in Lent
Preacher: Rev. Taylor Fuerst
Scripture: Matthew 16:24-26
Sermon: “Submitting”

Children's Sunday School Live on Zoom
Sunday, March 29, 9:00 a.m.
Join Lara Greene, Director of Children's Ministries, for a live 20-minute Sunday School time of song, prayer, and fellowship. Join Zoom Class .
Resisting Racism Class on Zoom
Sunday, March 29, 10:00 a.m.
Join Pastor Cathy Stone and Devon Bailey, Director of Youth Ministries, for a series of classes covering themes from White Fragility with no reading or preparation required. We will use the Zoom platform to deliver our class online. Join Zoom Class.
NEW Interactive Time of Prayer on Zoom
Sunday, March 29, 11:00 a.m. (Opens at 10:30 a.m.)
Join 30 Minutes early for Zoom support and to chat with our church family.
With the "Stay Home - Work Safe" Order issued by Mayor Adler on Tuesday, FUMC will adjust our worship offerings to enable worship leaders to stay home. We are shifting to the ZOOM platform that many of you have already been using for classes and meetings. We understand that some people will need help to get Zoom up and running, and we are here to help. Feedback from other churches who have moved to this model is very positive, and we have positive reviews of large-scale zoom meetings with over 200 participants. This platform will enable us to stay home while still having multiple worship leaders, and—bonus!—everyone will have the opportunity to see other worshippers, not just the pastors. (If you don't want to be seen, you don't have to!) We are excited for this change and we hope you are, too. Plan to join your church family on Sunday for Music, Greeting time, Announcements, Scripture, and a Time for Prayer. Join Zoom Worship .

Please see our Tips for Zoom article below. If you have questions logging onto Zoom, feel free to contact Mary Heckmann at [email protected] or 512-587-5387.
Expanded Virtual Worship Podcast
After you join us for the live portion of worship, we invite you to continue by listening to this audio worship podcast. Grab a candle and light it, and turn in your Bible to Matthew 16:24-26. This week includes a greeting and opening prayer, Scripture reading, sermon, and music from Scott Davis and our choral scholars. This component is available at any time—just click the link. Feel free to share with friends and family as you feel led. The sermon link will be emailed Sunday morning and posted on our website .
UMW Unit Meeting Cancelled
The March 29 United Methodist Women unit meeting is canceled and will be rescheduled later. In the meantime, mission needs continue! UMW members who have made pledges this year are encouraged to keep paying on their pledges by sending their checks, made out to “United Methodist Women,” to unit treasurer Caroline Jones (8100 Marble Ridge Dr., Austin, TX 78747). Thank you for all the ways you are faith, hope, and love in action every day.
FEAST/TOAST for Young Adults
Sundays at 5:00 p.m.
Join us weekly to check in, share, and connect on Zoom! Until we can meet again in person, Dr. Brad King will host a weekly check-in on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. using Zoom. We'll treat this time as a virtual happy hour. Bring a drink. Bring a story. Bring a friend. Let's do our best to stay connected while we have to stay apart. Join FEAST on Zoom .
Zoom Video Conferencing
Zoom is our new video conferencing platform which allows for the ability to feature speakers or hosts, share a screen, show participants, chat, go into breakout rooms, and much more. Once you get the hang of Zoom, it is easy. Below are some helpful tips to help ease your transition to Zoom along with some tutorial resources.

Tips for Zoom
  • Set up a Zoom account if you don't already have one at
  • Review our Zoom Tutorial summarizing the process of downloading the Zoom app and basic meeting controls.
  • Review a quick video tutorial on Joining a Meeting.
  • If your computer device at home does not have a microphone or a video camera, then you may need to use a phone or tablet. Zoom will be looking for a microphone and video camera as you join the meeting. You can turn off your video and audio at any point during a meeting.
  • If you prefer to dial-in by phone to your meeting rather than use the computer audio, please make sure your audio is set to mute so that there is no feedback on the line.
  • Most meetings will likely start will all participants on mute to avoid feedback issues during the sessions. You can use chat features to "raise your hand" or indicate you need to be unmuted as it is appropriate.
  • Chat is the easiest way to communicate during a Zoom meeting. You can message 1) everyone or 2) an individual directly.
Taylor's Weekly Pastoral Letter
Every week, Pastor Taylor will share a message with you. The message will include an encouraging word, updates on the life of the church, and a Lenten message as we journey through this season together. As new developments unfold, updates will be communicated in this letter. Read this week's message here .

Complete our Online Survey
We want to hear from you. Please complete a four-question survey to help us know how best to serve you during this time. In particular, we are asking about worship, study, prayer, and devotional opportunities.
Weekday Mornings for Families
Weekdays at 10:30 a.m.
During the week, Monday-Friday at 10:30 a.m. on our Preschool Facebook site, we are offering a time for families to come together for story time, singing, and fellowship. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, preschool teachers lead a circle time for children. On Wednesdays, Lara Greene, Director of Children's Ministries, leads a chapel time of story, song, and prayer. Tune in at 10:30 a.m. on weekdays at .
Weekly Prayer & Connection
Wednesdays, March 26, 7:30 p.m.
A simple, low-key time to gather with FUMC family to check in and pray for one another and our world. No frills, no program, just people and the Holy Spirit! We'll gather from 7:30 to 8:00 p.m. each Wednesday night. Join on Zoom .
Feed My People Breakfast "To Go"
As you already know, Austin is now under a "Stay Home - Work Safe Order." Many of our neighbors experiencing homelessness do not have a place to shelter and until something changes, we will continue to serve breakfast each Tuesday and Thursday. If you're able, come serve with us. There are shifts both Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Take a look at our signup for the safety procedures we're using and the various ways to serve.  View Sign Up .
Pastors Bible Study
Begins Thursday, April 2
Join Pastor Taylor for an informal study of the Book of Philippians on Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. beginning on April 2 via Zoom. We'll work our way through the book one chapter at a time, considering the context in which it was first read and the context in which we read it today. Together, we'll listen for God's word in the midst of unusual circumstances. Join on Zoom .
Daily Devotional Resources
Looking for a daily devotional?
The Upper Room offers a daily devotional resource emailed to you each morning. The Upper Room is written by people just like you who share their stories of faith and transformation. Special resources are available for this time at .
Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest and founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation, offers a rich daily meditation balancing the dance of action and contemplation. To sign up, visit .
Story Submissions
As we wait to gather again for worship, we can still come together as a church. Be part of the Bolder Than The State of Texas StoryCorps Project! Download the StoryCorps app and record your stories of living faith and your life with FUMC-Austin. You can tell a 5 minute story or a 45 minute story! Upload your stories to our StoryCorps community archive page so we can listen. To learn more about StoryCorps FUMC visit our StoryCorps resource guide .

Spring 2020 Issue
Help us build the next issue of Bolder than the State of Texas ! We are particularly seeking stories about Change and Resurrection for the Spring 2020 issue. We are open to poetry, essays, photography, or art! Be part of the story this church is telling the world. Submissions accepted continually, with a deadline of May 1 for the Spring 2020, Issue 2. Submit your stories online at . For more information, contact Amy Wink and Caroline Jones at [email protected] .
Help Our Vulnerable in Austin

Use your voice for our vulnerable neighbors! Call or email your City Leaders and demand that more be done to shelter and provide for this vulnerable population. If we do not speak up now, who will?

Support the Feed My People Breakfast by giving online to First UMC or by giving directly to Foundation for the Homeless .

Pray for our neighbors experiencing homelessness, for individuals wanting to make a difference in the midst of these crazy times, for leaders making decisions, for us all. Pray that we can help others know and remember that God is with each of us, that they are not alone. Let us each remember that promise and share that love and hope with others! 
Care for One Another
During this time, we are looking to build a team of volunteers to help us call upon one another or send written care notes. If you are looking for a way to support virtual congregational care during this time, please email Daviss King, Asistant to the Pastors, at [email protected] .
Prayer Requests
If you have a loved one to lift up, send us your prayer concerns and we will add that person(s) to our prayer list. Prayer requests can be submitted to our pastoral staff using our online form or emailed to [email protected] .
Online Giving
Your ongoing gifts are a blessing to the ministry of FUMC Austin. You can make a one-time gift on our giving page or log onto Church Life to schedule a recurring gift. To give to our operating budget, select "Ministry Plan” fund. For more information, see Steps for Online Giving . If you have questions, email Deanna Fairchild, Director of Finance, at [email protected] .
Stay Connected

Church Life makes it easy to check in with our church family during this time.

Church Life allows members to review their contact information, access a church directory, schedule onetime or recurring giving, and access the church calendar.

The browser version of Church Life can be accessed at .

If you haven't done so already, download the Church Life mobile app that provides similar access to church information using your same Church Life login. You can easily search for people in the directory and save to your contacts.

Catch Up on Sermons

An archive of sermons is available on our website , our iTunes Podcast or YouTube Channel.
March Mission Emphasis
United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)
When we want to buy fair-trade products. When farmers need help with appropriate agricultural technology. When a natural disaster strikes somewhere around the globe. When a community needs clean water and effective sanitation. When these and many other disasters occur, UMCOR is there because our contributions support the life-saving work in sustainable development, global health, relief supplies, and disaster response. You may give online to support this ministry. Read More .
Prayer Concerns
Submit a prayer request online .
Within our Congregation
Stephanie Benold; Sandy Bowles; Michael Crowe; Marcia Houston; Doise Miers; Mari
Perez; Tom Richardson; Debbie Rippetoe; and Dan Wood.
Condolences to Suzanne Barnard on the death of her grandfather, E.E. (PopEE)

Encouragement for all educators, students and parents moving to distance learning.

Prayers of gratitude for medical care providers, essential service workers, and our pets.

Prayers of concern for the elderly, small business owners, those out of work, migrants
separated from their families, and those experiencing homelessnes. 

Beyond our Congregation
Curt Ashmos’ friend, Elissa Marek; Grady Basler’s sister, Tonya Basler Stout; Marilyn
and Richard Bettis; friend, Ben McKibbens; Cheryl Bias’ niece, Lauren Stafford; Bob
Block’s friend, Tim Sullivan; Fay Brown’s sister, Jo Rene Altenburg; Judy Chambers’
mother, Edith Johnson; Teresa Edward's mother, Fern Edwards; George Gaston’s
friend, Dr. Robert Wootton; Marijo Hartman’s friend, Cecilia Collins; Marcia Houston’s
mother, Johnnie; Melanie Miller’s and Jen Stuart’s father, Doak Thomas; Tabatha
Montes and baby, Isaiah; Sue Norris’ friend, LuAnn; Cindy Reidland’s friends, Carly and
Colton Wimberly; Merry Rightmmer's friend, Frank Nutt; Donna Shands’ mother, Eva
Reneau; Donna Shand’s friend, Brian Pollard; Alan Stephens’ father-in-law, Robert
McBride; Cindy Wallingford’s brother-in-law, Daniel Peterson and Dick Young’s nephew,
Jeff Young.
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