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  • February 16, 2021     Deadline for applications to RFQ #1 and #3
  • February 22, 2021     Deadline for applications to RFQ #2
"Climate change is here, and it poses many risks to the built and natural environment in San Mateo County. Rising temperatures and heatwaves, wildfires, extreme storms, sea-level rise, and coastal erosion are some of the challenges we face. Both the Climate Action Plan and the Adaptation Collaborative help us reduce our emissions, prepare for the effects of climate change, and coordinate decision making and knowledge sharing within the County.

County of San Mateo is pleased to announce three Request for Quotes funding opportunities for community-based organizations (CBOs), non-governmental organizations, and faith-based organizations to support a variety of outreach and resilience planning projects and to reduce heat and wildfire impacts on San Mateo County communities. We appreciate the expertise of community organizations and look forward to partnering with CBOs or other organizations on these projects.

  1. For details on the three Requests for Quotes, and to apply, please see the information below. On-Call Support for Outreach and Project Planning
  2. Heat and Wildfire Community Preparedness Projects
  3. Resilience Planning Stakeholder and Community Engagement

Questions and Answers (posted 02/04/2021)

Funding available: $5,000 – $50,000 per organization

Who can apply? Community-based organizations (CBOs), nonprofits, faith organizations or associations that serve residents in San Mateo County and are tax-exempt organizations. Expertise with environmental and sustainability topics not required."

To learn more about the County of San Mateo's
Office of Sustainability's funding opportunities, please click here.

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