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May 10, 2018
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Join Us for Worship This Sunday!
Summer Worship Schedule Starts May 20
Staffing Vision and Transitions
Sanctuary City Potluck and Coffeehouse
Signing Sunday
New UU Getting Acquainted Class
Labyrinth Sunday
Discussion with the Racial Justice Task Force
RE Family Camping Trip
Call for Articles - Steeple Newsletter
Care Network Team Update
In Memoriam

Upcoming Service
Our one-service summer schedule starts Sunday, May 20 at  10 a.m. 

Music Sunday
Join us for a music-filled service with  Jennifer Carpenter, Music Director, Sam Whitesell on piano, Wayne Schneider on organ, our FUUSB choirs and a chamber orchestra who will perform "Missa Gaia" or "Earth Mass" by Paul Winter. This is a larger work that blends elements of jazz, African, Brazilian, and classical music in a beautiful celebration of all Earth's creatures. You'll even hear recorded tracks of wolf howls and whale songs that interplay with the musicians! Come one, come all!

Worship Associate: Melinda Lee


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Join Us for Worship This Sunday!
Sunday, May 13  at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Worship Lead:  Andrea Spencer-Linzie,  Developmental Director of Family Ministry
Worship Associate: Kristin Kany

"Celebrating Life"
We will celebrate the children among us, and the parents who love them and raise them. We will celebrate the teachers, stewards and assistants, and group leaders who lead us, inspire us, teach us.  We will celebrate who we are as a community here at FUUSB. We will celebrate what we have done and what we envision for the future. 
We will celebrate through song and dance, so bring your dancing shoes.  We will celebrate with joy and being with one another.  We will celebrate because life is sacred, and community keeps us whole. We will celebrate because we are a people of hope...
"Hope" is the thing with feathers-
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops at all ...
Excerpt from "Hope is the thing with feathers" 
by Emily Dickinson

Summer Worship Schedule Starts May 20!
Save the Date
On Sunday, May 20 , we will begin our one service  summer schedule. Join us for worship at 10 a.m. on  Sundays! 

Please keep in mind that parking may be in  shorter supply, so you may want to allow extra time.
Staffing Vision and Transitions
Christina Fulton, Director of Operations

Just a little over a year ago, Rev. Mara and I introduced our Staffing Vision. This vision looked out over the next three years and featured:
  • Getting us to a second minster
  • Reducing part-time staff positions
  • Moving to a focus of Family Ministry
In the 2017/2018 fiscal year, we began the process by saying goodbye to Martha, our Director of Religious Education. We then brought on Andrea Spencer-Linzie, our Developmental Director of Family Ministry. Andrea began here in November and has been learning and observing what we're doing, so that she can help lead us to our new staffing model with a focus on Family Ministry.
The 2017/2018 fiscal year also brought us a surprise with Rev. Mara announcing her departure. Rev. Mara's departure has made us stop and rethink our Staffing Vision. Some pieces of the vision will continue on as planned, and some will be delayed and/or reconsidered. Here are the transitions that will be happening as we end our year.

  • Mara Dowdall - Rev. Mara will be back from vacation on May 20 and will then work through the end of June. Mara's final sermon will be on Sunday, June 10, followed by a farewell celebration picnic. Look for more information on the picnic soon.
  • Nina Dahlstedt Buss - Nina, our very first Membership Coordinator, will be retiring at the end of June. Nina has done an amazing job of welcoming new visitors. She will be passing on all she's learned to Andre Mol (more about that in a minute).
  • Bob Furrer - Bob, our Facilities Manager, has also announced his retirement after working here for the past six years. We have not yet settled on an end date, but imagine it will be sometime in July. We are also working on hiring Bob as a Project Manager for some large property projects that will be happening soon.
  • Hannah Kretvix - Hannah has been our Youth Ministry Coordinator this past year and also worked as our Campus Ministry Coordinator in the past. Hannah is graduating from UVM and will be ending her time here in June.
  • Myra Timmins - Myra has worked as our Daytime Caretaker since 2007. She has cared for our Meeting House and brought us all into the challenging work of recycling and composting.
  • Charlie Delaney - Charlie has worked here as an Evening/Weekend Caretaker since 2003. He is often the person greeting you as you come into the Meeting House for evening meetings.
  • We will also be saying goodbye to the rest of our part-time caretaker staff: Claire Graham-Smith, Drew Frazier, and Shirley Thuren.
  • Interim Senior Minister - We will know the name of our Interim Senior Minister by the end of May or maybe sooner! Our Interim Senior Minister will be here for two years, beginning in August.
  • Facilities Manager - We will be hiring a new Facilities Manager, who will have a slightly different job description from the one that Bob had, but will still be full-time. More on that in the near future. This person will start in late June or early July.
  • Custodian - We will be hiring a full-time Custodian position, to begin work in late June or early July.
  • Youth Ministry Coordinator - We will be hiring a part-time Youth Ministry Coordinator to begin in August.
  • Andre Mol - Andre has been our Ministerial Intern for the past two years. We are very pleased to announce that Andre will be with us for one additional year. (That's it, only one more year.) Andre will be working full-time, serving as our Assistant Minister and will be focusing his work with us on creating a Pastoral Care Team and serving as our Membership Coordinator.
We wish everyone who is leaving the very, very best. We thank them for their service to our congregation and to our mission. Each and every one of them will hold a special place in our hearts and in our history. We will be saying our official goodbyes at our Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 3 at 11:15 a.m. Please plan to attend so that we may provide all these amazing people with a heartfelt sendoff. If you would like to send them a card or note, please send them to the Society office and we will make sure that they are passed on.

Transitions are challenging and sometimes stressful. We know that you will welcome our new staff with open hearts and patience as they learn the ropes. We will be keeping you updated on our progress and will announce the names of the new staff as we know them. Please do not hesitate to contact me or Rev. Mara if you have any questions or concerns.
Sanctuary City Potluck and Coffeehouse
Todd Schlossberg

Join us at the  Saturday, May 12  Sanctuary City Potluck and Coffeehouse at the First UU!

Love good food & live music?
No need to search or delve
Right here at the First UU
This Saturday evening, May 12

Our monthly potluck and coffeehouse!
At 6 p.m., starts the meal 
Bring a dish, or a drink
Invite a friend, if you feel 

Open mic for the coffeehouse
Read a poem, share some songs
Tell a story, do a card trick
Or just sing along

This Saturday, May 12
Come join us at 6
Good food and good company
Beats a night of Netflix!

Signing Sunday May 13
Nina Dahlstedt Buss, Membership Coordinator

Did you know? Even if you have been attending services for a long time, taken the New UU classes and made a financial commitment/pledge, you are not a Member of the FUUSB unless you have signed the Membership Book! Among the many great reasons to become a Member is the right to vote at congregational meetings including the Annual Meeting coming up  June 3. At the Annual Meeting we vote on our budget for the coming year and a slate of new officers, and sometimes also on bylaw changes or other major decisions. 

The deadline for signing the Membership Book in time to vote at this year's meeting is this Sunday, May 13. On  May 13, we will have the book up front on the chancel right after each service for those who are ready to sign - Just meet Nina up front. If you would like to sign the book but will not be here on May 13, please contact Nina at  and she will arrange a time to do this with you.

New UU Getting Acquainted Class
Would you like to learn more about Unitarian Universalism? Find out about some of our activities? Meet other newcomers? If so, please come to the New UU Getting Acquainted class. This class will be held on Sunday, May 13 from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. in the Susan B. Anthony Room. RSVP is helpful but not required. Contact Nina Dahlstedt Buss at  with questions or to RSVP.
Labyrinth Sunday - May 13
Carol MacDonald

Join us at the Labyrinth after either service this Sunday, weather permitting. The flags will be out around the Labyrinth and someone from the Labyrinth Ministry will be there to answer questions and guide you on your walk. 

Discussion with the Racial Justice Task Force
Martha Molpus

BLUU (Black Lives of UU) has recommended the UUA's adoption this summer at UUA General Assembly of an 8th Principle articulating a commitment to the dismantling of racism, white supremacy, and other oppressions. This was also discussed at prior General Assemblies and has been discussed for several years in UUA Districts/Regions.  Changing the principles requires a lot of discernment and is a multiple year process. The Racial Justice Task Force (RJTF) will be facilitating processes for our congregation to be involved in this discussion on the adoption of the 8th Principle.

To help us learn more about this proposed 8th Principle and enter the discussion, join the RJTF at 11:15 a.m. on Sunday, May 20 after the service. 
Annual RE Family Camping Trip
Kristin Kany

Join in our fun annual RE Family Camping Trip at Lake Elmore State Park,  June 15-17.

Reserve a lean-to or campsite at Lake Elmore (just a few miles from  Morrisville ), and join other  FUUSB  families with kids of all ages for a weekend of fun, eating, hiking, relaxing, fellowship, boating, swimming, games, and a lovely Sunday worship on the beach. We kick off the weekend with a Friday evening casual potluck. All activities are optional; just come and share in loads of fun!

Want to go? BOOK FAST; there are only a few sites left (as of 4/26).  Reserve and pay for your Lake Elmore site online at or call 888-409-7579.  (Try to book in the Upper Loop first, sites 1-14.)  Then, contact  FUUSB  member  Xu   Zhou  at (802) 343-6927 (or ) so she can add you to our Google Doc info list of participants.

First  UU families cherish this annual gathering. We'd love to have you come join us!
Call for Articles for The Steeple Newsletter
The Steeple is our congregational newsletter, which is transitioning from a monthly to a quarterly publication. 

The next issue will be published in June.  If you are interested in writing an article for The Steeple, please email .  The deadline is May 28.
Article length: 200-400 words
Focus:  The Steeple's goal is to look at our Society from a "big picture" perspective and offer insight into our goals and mission.  Share the story behind your program or topic (not event details like dates and times), and feel free to include digital photos.
Care Network Team Update
Please let the Care Network Team know if you are aware of someone in the community who could use some support, whether it be a visit, a comforting prayer shawl, or a meal. The email is: .

Share a meal with one of the following families. Details of what each family likes and dislikes are included in the meal train entry. (See link below). 

If you are looking for ideas, check out the Care Network section of the Society website and scroll down to see some delicious UU-tested recipes! 
  • Kathy Bonilla has been fighting a long-term health battle and she and her two granddaughters truly appreciate the help that a few meals a week can be. 
  • Miriam (Tammy) Strauss is dealing with long-term health issues caused by being rear-ended by a cattle truck. One meal every week is a major support to her. Hannaford or gas station gift cards are also welcomed. See the meal train for more details.
Note: John Lincoln and Jill Stevens are not currently in need of help and have asked to suspend their meal train for a month or so. Elz Curtiss and Lynne Matthews are also not in need right now. Shirley Wolfe does not need any more meals either, since she is spending so much time at the rehab center. Stay tuned! Thank you to all who have contributed.  


On behalf of the Care Network Team,
Sarah Weber, ( 802) 373-0197

In Memoriam
Ann Farrell Stenberg, daughter of former FUUSB member Nancy Farrell, passed away on April 25. A memorial service was held May 6 in Tacoma, Washington. Her obituary can be found at this link. An online guest book is available here.