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October 4, 2018
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Join Us for Worship This Sunday!
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Ordination of Andre Mol
Coming Soon: Family Chapel
Help Wanted: YUUth Group Advisors!
Speaking of Stewardship

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Join Us for Worship This Sunday!
Sunday, October 7 at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Worship Leader: 
Rev. Susan Milnor, Interim Senior Minister

Worship Associate:  Melinda Lee

"Be Still and Know"
Where do we find sanctuary for our souls in the midst of the busyness and fragmentation of our daily lives? Days of rest are extremely important not just when we are exhausted, but as a regular restorative practice. Historically, people in many faith traditions observed sabbaths. Now can there be a personal sabbath? How do we do it? The Adult Choir will sing for the first time in worship this year.

Rev. Susan Milnor, Interim Senior Minister

"What is an ordination?" "How is it different from an installation?" These are questions you might hear asked as the ordination of Developmental Assistant Minister Andre Mol approaches on Saturday, October 27.  

An ordination is a special event for both the person being ordained to ministry and for the ordaining congregation as well. In this case, for Andre it marks the culmination of years of study and formation for our ministry. Andre has already been professionally credentialled by the Ministerial Fellowship Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Association, but the moment of finally fully becoming a minister in our tradition, the moment when the honorific "The Reverend" is bestowed, is the ceremony of ordination. For the congregation, it is a special moment in enacting the congregational polity, or self-governance, at the heart of our tradition. In that tradition, only a congregation, not the Association or official or committee of the Association, has the power to ordain someone to the ministry.

It's important to understand that an ordination is not the same as an installation. A person is ordained into our ministry only once, and it is the UU ministry as a whole that the person enters with ordination, not the ministry to a particular congregation. An installation, on the other hand, represents taking up the call to the ministry of a particular congregation; this ceremony would happen each time one starts a new settled ministry.

Ordinations are times of joy, tears, and acknowledgement of long travels and important responsibilities. They are an honor for everyone involved: minister, guest speakers, colleagues, and congregation.

May this ordination service be a truly blessed event.

In the faith,

Rev. Susan

Ordination of Andre Mol - Please RSVP
Come join the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington to celebrate the ordination of Andre Mol into the Unitarian Universalist ministry on  Saturday, October 27 at 3 p.m.  with a reception following the service. 

Andre previously served as our ministerial intern and currently serves for this year as our Developmental Assistant Minister for Pastoral Care and Membership. 

Please RSVP here if you have not already: 

Coming Soon: Family Chapel
Join us in the inspiration of Beloved Community at Erika Reif, Family Ministry Assistant

As part of our search for ways to make faith formation a family affair, Family Ministry is trying something new this year: Starting  November 4, on the first 
Sunday  of each month, parents, teachers, and anyone else who would like to, are invited to join the children in the Community Room for Family Chapel. 

This alternative start to  Sunday  worship, led initially by Andrea Spencer-Linzie, will last about 15 minutes, after which parents will head up to the sanctuary to join the larger worship service, and kids will begin their classes or other scheduled activities. Please note that on these mornings there will not be a "Reflections for All Ages" in the sanctuary.
Help Wanted: YUUth Group Advisors!
Youth Advisors function as a team, upholding a balance of leadership between themselves and our high school aged youth, gradually handing over more responsibilities to the youth as they demonstrate their capabilities. 

These volunteers, along with our staff Youth Ministry Coordinator, guide the youth through implementation of annual social justice activities and keep a gentle but sure hand on the "tiller" of the group, ensuring that it balances fun with depth and meaning of distinctly UU content. 
Thursday  evening availability is important, and willingness to chaperone 1-2 overnights per year is a bonus! Please contact Andrea Spencer-Linzie at  for more information.
Speaking of Stewardship
As we begin another year at First UU and reconnect with each other, we on the Stewardship Team are grateful for all you bring to our congregational community. If  you come to First UU for the spiritual growth (the sermons, small groups, family ministry, pastoral care, etc.), to 'seek truth, to act for justice, or to care for yourself and your community,'   you are the First UU

If this sounds a bit like the recent VPR membership drive, you're not far off base because the messages of responsibility, accountability and gratitude are similar. And like the VPR pledge drives, we on the Stewardship Team are reconnecting with you this fall because talking about money is one of the things that healthy UU congregations do.

So, speaking of are our fall reminders:
  • Have you paid off your pledge for the year 2017-18 (ended June 30, 2018)?
  • If you pay your pledge by regular automatic deductions using a credit card or bank drafts, and changed your pledge amount for the year that started July 1, 2018, have you updated your info for the current year's pledge amount?
  • If you planned to start paying your pledge with automatic deductions this year, have you set up an account yet?
  • If you haven't made a pledge for the current year, it's not too late!
You can manage any of these online at where you can set up or update automatic payments. Contact Christina Fulton if you have questions at or 862-5630 x22. You can also contact the Stewardship Team via email at

Our First UU congregation is a spiritual family. We live our mission and serve our community every day, all year round. We are more than a minister, more than a Sunday sermon. What we give and get in this family are essential "soul" fuels, as necessary as the other fuels we depend on to live good and meaningful lives. Our collective generosity of time, energy, and money make all that we have and do possible as a congregational community.

THANK YOU! from the FUUSB Stewardship Team: 
Kim Hier and Nancy Knox, co-chairs; Debby Bergh, Gene Bergman, Chris Bullard, Tom Porter and Sandy Titchner