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February 20, 2020
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Join Us for Worship This Sunday!
Prayer Beads
Cottage Parties
Knotty Conversations Webinar
Realm Update
Sharing the Plate
New Staff Phone Extensions

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Upcoming Service
Sunday, March 1 at 10 a.m.

Guest Minister: 
Rev. Peter Newport

Worship Associate:
Judy Brook

"It Is What It Is"
If Wisdom is somehow distilled from experience, what Wisdom can we bring to the climate crisis, as a species, when we have few relevant experiences to rely on? This morning, we're going to recall trees we love or lost, tell a few jokes, and think about a sustaining moral ecology for the times ahead.

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Join Us for Worship This Sunday!
Sunday, February 23 at 10 a.m.

Worship Leader: Rev. Patricia Hart

Worship Associate: Doug Facey

"Building New Ways"
One purpose for religious community is to be a place where we help one another grow into our best selves: strong in spirit, curious about new ideas, compassionate, awake - joyful and hopeful, even when the facts of the world might lead us in other directions. Come share the power of learning the truth and changing hearts.

New Members of the Society will be recognized during the service!

Zigzag Sunday: Prayer Beads
Long before there were Unitarian Universalists, there were prayer beads!  These beads are found in most cultures and religions across the world and come to us from antiquity. Join Faith Development Assistant Margo Whitcomb on Sunday, February 23 to learn about these diverse practices. After some grounding and focusing exercises for all ages, we will connect to this rich history by making our own sacred strands. Materials and snacks provided. No registration is necessary; just come and join us. Open to children, youth and adults directly following the New Member Recognition.

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Our Stewardship Campaign theme this year is  FUUSB: Making a Difference!  We invite and need  you to make a difference for the campaign by helping organize one of the "Cottage Party" fellowship gatherings in our communities in March. 

We especially need more friends of our UU to host, help and facilitate a cottage party in Essex, Colchester, Milton, Georgia, Jericho and Underhill.  We'll have our final cottage party training session after the service on Sunday, February 23 from 11:30-12:30 . If you're interested in hosting, helping or facilitating a cottage party, please attend.

We need you to help us reach our goals for this year so we can continue to build our sustainable community. Everyone knows how foundational stewardship is to a thriving UU, so please pitch in!

Email or find members of the Stewardship Team (wearing the green name tags) in the Parlors after the Sunday service.

Help us make a difference!
Knotty Conversations Webinar
Zoe Hart

As a faith community that aspires to be welcoming and culturally diverse, we have work to do. The history of our country and our UU faith have left us a heritage of white supremacy that we often cannot even see. It is the air we breathe. Achieving cultural diversity will demand more than just the desire to do so. "Knotty Conversations," a five-part online webinar series hosted by the UUA, is intended for individuals of any racial/ethnic identity who are navigating the challenges of dismantling white supremacy in and with their congregations.

Several First UU members attended the first Knotty Conversations webinar on Cultural Appropriation. But you need not have attended that webinar to participate in the next webinar: Calling Out, Calling In, and Staying Together. This webinar will focus on strategies for offering feedback when an individual or a group has behaved in racist, oppressive, or harmful ways. The webinar will take place Tuesday, February 25 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. You can participate online in the comfort of your home or join a group of us at the First UU Meeting House. Wherever you plan to participate,  register online before 12 p.m. on Friday, February 21 (tomorrow!). If you'd like to join us at the Meeting House please email Peggy Owen-Sands at so we know to expect you.

Realm Update
Click to access the online RE registration form
Christina Fulton, Director of Operations & Finance

In case you forgot, Realm is our new database program that enables our staff, leadership, and members to communicate, pledge, set up automatic pledge payments, see events and groups, and so much more! This past Tuesday our Group Leaders met for their quarterly MAG (Ministry Area Gathering) and did a two hour Realm Training! They all activated their accounts, and learned how to populate their groups and create events. They even learned how to invite their group members to join Realm. 

So you are probably wondering, "When is Christina gonna stop talking about this and invite me already?" Great question! Many Group Leaders have already begun inviting people to activate their Realm accounts, so if you've already received that invitation, go ahead and join! I will be taking the last week of February off for a little R&R and time with my grandbabies. When I return on March 1st, I plan to send an invitation to everyone in the congregation!!!  

The invitation includes a few tips and also a link to a step by step guide on how to Activate your Realm Account. It's really easy and only takes a few minutes. So watch your email for your invitation to Realm. During the month of March, we'll have some folks in the Community Room ready if you need help activating your account. And if you just can't wait, send me an email at and I'll send you an invitation right away!

Sharing the Plate - January 2020
Christina Fulton, Director of Operations & Finance

In the month of January, our congregation shared our plate with four organizations for a total of $1,009! The organizations that benefited from our generosity this month are: 350 VT, Black Lives UU, AALV and Greater Burlington Multicultural Resource Center. 

In February we will be sharing our collections with the following organizations: 2/2 - VT Interfaith Action, 2/9 - Migrant Justice, 2/16 - Peace & Justice Center, 2/23 - VT Diversity Health Project.  

In addition to putting cash in the plate on Sunday mornings, you can also contribute to the "Loose Plate for Charity" from our website:  and also by texting  Steeple Outreach to 73256.  

New Staff Phone Extensions
Mary Williams, Society Administrator

Please note that staff members now have new phone extensions! For most of us, we have just added 00 to our old extension numbers. The main FUUSB phone number remains the same. The staff directory list is below, and is also available on the staff page of our website at

FUUSB main phone number: (802) 862-5630

Rev. Patricia Hart,  Developmental Senior Minister
Phone: ext. 2400

Christina Fulton,  Director of Operations and Finance
Phone: ext. 2200

Erika Reif,  Director of Lifespan Faith Development
Phone: ext. 2800

Margo Whitcomb,  Faith Development Assistant
Phone: ext. 2600

Gabriel Ely,  Youth Ministry Coordinator

James Stewart Director of Music
Phone: ext. 2500

David McFeeters , Facilities Manager
Phone: ext. 2300

Mary Williams Society Administrator
Phone: ext. 2100