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June 7, 2018
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Join Us for Worship This Sunday!
June 10 Picnic Reminder
Children's Activities This Sunday
Labyrinth Ministry News
Potluck and Coffeehouse
Automatic Pledge Payments
Giving Statements and Pledge Payments
Youth Ministry Coordinator Update
Missing Library Books
Non-Auction Update
From the Care Network
Access ACS Reminder
Worship Associates Seeking Feedback
JUMP Needs Toilet Paper
UU Weekend at Silver Bay

Upcoming Service
Sunday, June 17 at 
10 a.m.

Worship Leads: 
Judy Brook and Melinda Lee, Worship Associates

Annual Poetry Service
Sometimes a poem or a verse from a song is all one needs for focus and/or inspiration. Please join us for our annual poetry service!


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Join Us for Worship This Sunday!
Sunday, June 10  at  10 a.m.
Rev. Mara Dowdall, Senior Minister

Celebrating Our Shared Ministry
Join us this Sunday as we celebrate our five years of shared ministry and bid farewell to Rev. Mara. Following the service, join us on the lawn for an all-Society picnic!
June 10 Picnic Reminder
This  is Rev. Mara's official leaving Sunday. There will be a special worship service at 10 a.m., followed by an ALL-SOCIETY Picnic. Christina has put in an order for good weather so please plan on lunch on the lawn with family and friends!  We will be providing drinks and dessert. (Shhhh, it's Mara's favorite!)
Remember to bring a favorite appetizer/finger food to share... Deviled eggs? Stuffed pea pods? Brie and grapes? Fruit on skewers? Spring rolls? (You know who you are!) Yes, yes, yes!!!  ( P.S. - We won't have flatware outside; finger food, please!!!)
  • This will be at about 11:15 a.m., so plan on keeping your food cold while at the service.
  • Please label your dish (on two sides, so folks can see it in the buffet line): vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy, etc.
**Mara is allergic to tree nuts, so please avoid these as well as peanuts so she can comfortably sample!
  • There will activities for children (see below).
  • The Labyrinth Ministry will have their flags flying; plan on taking advantage of our wonderful labyrinth!
Questions? Details?  Contact Lynn Douglas at  or (802) 318-2663.
Children's Activities This Sunday
Erika Reif, RE Assistant and Childcare Coordinator

As always, children are welcome to stay with their parents during worship. Look for some special packs of puzzles and drawing sheets with our regular "fidget fixers" in the front and back of the Sanctuary.

Andrea will also be working with kids in the front vestibule on notes and drawings to add to a farewell banner for Mara. Kids (or adults) of all ages are welcome to contribute, but the youngest should be accompanied by an older family member to help supervise. 

Childcare will be available throughout the service, in the nursery, for children age 7 and under. 

During the picnic, there will be no separate space for children, but members of the childcare staff will be on hand, with face paint, sidewalk chalk and other fun activities to help keep everyone entertained!
Labyrinth Ministry News
Sunday, June 10 is Labyrinth 
Sunday(It is also the celebration for Rev. Mara). You are welcome to walk the labyrinth after the service. We will be out by the labyrinth to answer any questions or to guide you on your way. 

Interfaith solstice event at the UU labyrinth on Thursday, June 21 at 5:30 p.m.  All are invited to the FUUSB's Community Interfaith Labyrinth for a time of quiet introspection and shared celebration marking the longest day of the year. The gathering will begin with an invocation and blessing.  Members of the UU Labyrinth 
Ministry will lead the Labyrinth walk. All welcome. Free.
Contact Jennie: (802) 860-6203,

FUUSB Sanctuary City Potluck and Coffeehouse
Todd Schlossberg

Good Music, Food, and Company at the 
Saturday,  June 16  FUUSB 
Sanctuary City Potluck and Coffeehouse!

When the weather turns warm, what's better than
Good company, good food, and some tunes? 
And you don't need to travel, it happens right here
Saturday evening, the 16th of June

It's our monthly potluck and coffeehouse!
It'll be a heck of a show
Sing a song, read a poem, tell a tale, play a tune     
'Cause this month's theme is "Anything Goes"!

We start with a meal, bring a favorite dish
An entree? A soup or a stew?  
Bring a friend, or bring two! And please bring yourself
It would not be the same without you

All ages are welcome, all talents encouraged   
We get started at just about six
I can promise you this: an evening of bliss
And it sure beats a night of Netflix

Where: FUUSB Parlors
Bring: A favorite dish (entrees especially encouraged), an instrument, a song, a poem, or a story, friends and family members, yourself!

Automatic Pledge Payments
Christina Fulton, Director of Operations

Do you want to make paying your pledge something that happens automatically each month? Do you want to pay your pledge in one lump sum? Well, it's easy!!! Our secure system, hosted by Vanco Services, allows you to set up automatic payments from your savings or checking account OR automatic payments charged to your credit or debit card. Set it up once for the year and you're done. 
If you already have automatic payments set up, then it's probably time to log in to your account and make sure all the information is up to date! Many people have set up payments with an end date of June 2018; if that's the case then you'll need to put in a new end date or just take the end date off. Did you increase your pledge this year? Then you'll need to log in and update the amount. Is your card due to expire soon? If so, you'll need to log in and update that. The last thing you want to happen is to think you have everything all set, only to find out in October that no payments have been made since June!
So here's how to do it! Go to our website: and click on the button that says "Set Up Automatic Payments." From there you will be able to either set up a new account OR log in to your current account. Once in, you can create a new payment or update a current payment. Please take note:  if you already have a payment set up that does not have an end date on it, do not create a new payment or you will have both payments happening at the same time. Either put an end date on your current payment and create a new payment OR just update your current payment. 
Have a great summer!

Giving Statements and Pledge Payments
Christina Fulton, Director of Operations

June 2017/2018 Giving Statements were recently emailed out to those pledgers who receive emailed statements. Please look for it in your inbox!  This statement does not include automatic payments made in May or June, or any other payments made since June 4. Our budget relies on each and every pledger to pay their pledge in full no later than June 30. So check your statement and send your check if at all possible. If you do not receive emailed statements, but would like to know where you stand, you can contact Mary, our Society Administrator at or (802) 862-5630 ext. 21.  
Youth Ministry Coordinator Update
Andrea Spencer-Linzie, Developmental Director of Family Ministry

As you may know, Hannah Kretvix has finished her term as Youth Ministry Coordinator.   We are in the process of hiring a new Coordinator, and w e have received several applications.   The Search Committee is not yet fully determined, but will include two youth, a representative from the RE Team, Youth Advisors, a representative from the Youth Ministry Advisory Team (YMAT), and a parent. 
We are aiming for a hire in August.   Look for future updates in the eNews!
Missing Library Books
Based on the recent inventory, we are missing over 200 books. We have received some overdue books by calling or emailing, but we still have so many missing. Many will have to be replaced, using money from the library budget that could be used for updating the collection.

Please look through your books and see if you have any UU library books, and bring them back.

Questions: Jeanne Lynch,
Non-Auction Update
Christina Fulton, Director of Operations

The weekend at Nina Harrington's condo in Knowlton, Quebec has been purchased! The Society will receive $500 for Nina's generous donation!

Keep posting your Non-Auction items in the eNews and/or in the Facebook Group!
From the Care Network

Please let the Care Network Team know if you are aware of someone in the community who could use some support, whether it be a visit, a comforting prayer shawl, or a meal. The email is: .

Please remember to think of the needs of the people on the meal train as you plan your meals.  Share a meal with one of the following families. Details of what each family likes and dislikes are included in the meal train entry.  (See link below).

If you are looking for recipe ideas, check out the Care Network section of the Society website. Click "Caring and Belonging," then "Care Network Team" and then scroll down to see some delicious UU-tested recipes! Click here to go directly to the page.
  • Kathy Bonilla has been fighting a long-term health battle and she and her two granddaughters truly appreciate the help that a few meals a week can be. 
  • Miriam (Tammy) Strauss is dealing with long-term health issues caused by being rear-ended by a cattle truck. One meal every week is a major support to her. Hannaford, Rite Aid or gas station gift cards are also welcomed. Meals can be delivered either to her home in Essex Junction or to her place of work in South Burlington. See the meal train for more details.  
On behalf of the Care Network Team,
Sarah Weber,  ( 802) 373-0197

Access ACS Reminder
Christina Fulton, Director of Operations

Access ACS is your connection to the Society's database. By signing up, you will be able to:
  • Update your personal information (address, phone number, email address, etc.)
  • Check your personal pledge status
  • Print a copy of your tax statement
  • Update your skills and interests information
  • Browse current opportunities for participation
  • Add a photograph of you and/or your family
  • Access the Society Directory
  • View the Society Calendar
  • We will be adding more options soon! (classes, groups, registration, pledge payment set-up, etc.)
Signing up is easy! Just visit the Access ACS page on the FUUSB website at: then click on the link that says "Access your member information or obtain a login here!" and you will be taken to a login page.  To obtain your login and password, look below the box to where it says "Need a Login? Click Here," and click! Once you get your login, you can access all the above offerings by going to the Members tab on the website. Want to make it super easy? Bookmark the above link, then you'll be able to get to this spot with one click.

Do want access to the Society Directory and Calendar while you're on the go? Go to the App Store and download the "Church Life" app. Use your same login and password, and you can have Access ACS everywhere you go!  

Visiting a member but not sure where they live? Look them up in the Directory, click on their address, and up pops a Google map with directions to their house! Trying to schedule an event during a committee meeting? Look at the calendar in the Church Life app to see if the space is available that day!  

This is such a wonderful opportunity for members to have the information they need right at their fingertips! But it's only helpful if you sign up. So please do it now. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Christina at

Worship Associates Seeking Feedback
Maeve McBride

As we prepare for a new year and a new path with our interim minister, Rev. Susan, we would like to solicit your feedback to support our growth as worship associates. We (Judy Brook, Kristin Kany, Melinda Lee, Rodney Lowe, Maeve McBride, and Kenneth Russell) gather each year in August with the senior minister for an annual retreat. Often, this is a time to more deeply build our relationships with each other and understand the vision and themes for the upcoming year of worship. This year, we are hoping to do some group-supported self-reflection on our pulpit presence. We'd love to hear from you! Do you have any comments or suggestions for the worship associates, either as a whole or for any one of us? Do you have any specific appreciations or changes you'd like to see, with respect to anyone's style of leading worship? Can you hear us and see us when we are in the pulpit? Please send your feedback directly to me: with WORSHIP in the subject line, or find me on a Sunday morning to chat. Thank you!

JUMP Needs Toilet Paper Throughout the Summer
Ellen Wollensack

The need for toilet paper at JUMP does not diminish with the seasons. There is a steady stream of clients who seek assistance in various forms from JUMP year-round. When our church attendance gets light in the summer, so do the donations of toilet paper. Please try to remember the less fortunate in our community this summer. Maybe you could bring extra amounts of TP the next time you come to church to compensate for the lighter attendance and corresponding lighter loads of TP at our church over the summer? Thank you so much--in advance--for your help!
UU Weekend at Silver Bay
The 2018 UU Weekend at Silver Bay will be October 12-14 at the Silver Bay Association YMCA Family and Conference Center, near the northern end of Lake George in Silver Bay, NY. 

Registrations are due by September 24. For more information, visit the First UU Society of Albany, NY website at this link.