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July 11, 2019
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Join Us for Worship This Sunday!
Summer Office Hours
Office Closed July 18
Childcare Providers Needed for the Fall!
Housing Discrimination Volunteers Needed
Racism in UUism Book Discussion Group
Helping the Islamic Society
Landscape Boulders
JUMP Donation Needs
Help Needed with Nametag Organizing
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Upcoming Services
Join us on Sundays at 10 a.m. this summer!

Sunday, July 21
Guest Preacher:
Rev. Barnaby Feder, Champlain Valley UU Society
Worship Associate:
Maeve McBride

Sunday, July 28
Guest Preacher: 
Mary Fillmore
Worship Associate:
Melinda Lee


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If you think you may need spiritual support for anything that touches a tender spot in your spirit, please call our 
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Join Us for Worship This Sunday!
Sunday, July 14 at 10 a.m. 

Guest Minister:
Rev. Bethany Russell-Lowe

"Humanitarian Aid Is (Still) Not a Crime"
What do our Universalist values say about caring for others? What are we called to do when kindness is criminalized? Can humanitarian aid ever be a crime? This past spring, in Tucson, Arizona, humanitarian aid was put on trial when Dr. Scott Warren, a volunteer with No More Deaths, was accused of conspiracy for showing kindness and care to migrants. Rev. Bethany, the minister of the UU congregation which sponsors No More Deaths, will speak to the spiritual values underpinning this case and what our faith requires of us in these times.

Rev. Bethany Russell-Lowe is the settled minister at the UU Church of Tucson, Arizona. Rev. Bethany was raised Unitarian Universalist and graduated from Andover Newton Theological School in December 2016. She is the daughter of FUUSB members Sarah Russell and Rodney Lowe.

Worship Associate: Kristin Kany

Summer Office Hours
Summer Office Hours Christina Fulton, Director of Operations and Finance

Summer means sunshine and ice cream, swimming and vacations! And that means that your church staff is running on a skeleton crew. Please note that in the month of July, we are particularly short-staffed and there will be days when the building will be closed. So plan ahead! If you need to be at the Meeting House for any reason, it is best to call first. If you are planning a meeting, you must complete a blue sheet in advance so we have enough time to make sure we have building coverage. We will do our best to post in our Facebook group if the building is closed. Thank you for your patience and consideration!  


Office Closed July 18

The Society business offices will closed on Thursday, July 18. 

Childcare Providers Needed for the Fall!
Erika Reif, Director of Lifespan Faith Development

In order to warmly welcome families with young children to our congregation, we offer Sunday morning childcare for infants and toddlers all year round, and for children of all ages in the summer. Taking a monthly shift in the Nursery is a great way to serve the community, connect with families, and make a little money! Here's a  link to the job description . If you think you would be a good fit, contact .

Housing Discrimination Volunteers Needed
Would you like to do a little job that makes a difference to people of color, of a certain age or sexual orientation? Your Racial Justice Team is partnering with Burlington's Legal Aid to find volunteers who are willing to help identify housing discrimination. It is a simple job and needs people of all ages and persuasions to represent the Burlington community. The volunteer would be screened and trained and would then be directed to apply for an apartment. The training would help you identify discrimination in your situation as an applicant, which you would report to Legal Aid. You would even get a small stipend for your work.
Your Racial Justice Team would like to run a Legal Aid training this summer at the UU. Can you help? Please call or text me at 802-922-7554 if you are interested and I will send you an application. 

Linda Cooper
Racism in UUism Book Discussion Group
The Racism in UUism book discussion group is starting the second in a series of three books. Sometime in August (exact date and time still TBD) we'll be discussing Centering: Navigating Race, Authenticity, and Power in Ministry, a collection of essays by UU ministers of color. All are welcome to join us, whether you read the first book or not. If you're interested, contact Zoe Hart ( ). 
Helping the Islamic Society of Vermont
Linda Graves

Our friends at the Islamic Society of Vermont are in need of help from First UU Society. They are seeking to buy the former Church of the Latter Day Saints facility in South Burlington, which will provide expanded room for their growing membership. Their current space on Hegeman Avenue in Colchester has limited room for meeting, worshiping and parking.
The Islamic Society of Vermont (ISVT) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1995. Their diverse community includes members from all around the world. Currently there are about 4,000 Muslims living in Vermont, about 300 of whom are active members and regularly attend services at their current location.
ISVT is in the process of selling their current location which will help in the purchase of the South Burlington site; however, they must raise $500,000 within the next three months to make this opportunity happen. Here is a link to more information and their go-fund-me page:
In keeping with the FUUSB Solidarity Team's goal to provide mutual moral and material support to area faith communities in times of need irrespective of differences in traditions or beliefs, and in keeping with our wider mission to care for each other and our community, please consider making a generous gift in love and solidarity to help our Muslim neighbors.

About the Landscape Boulders
Doug Facey

UUs on the rocks - Please be seated... outside

Landscape boulders suitable for off-the-ground outdoor seating were delivered to the FUUSB property on June 28. The boulders were provided by donation from a Society member; none of the Society's budget was spent on the project. After consultation with the Property Team, boulders were chosen instead of benches because of their natural beauty and because they are heavy enough to be secure without anchoring in the ground.

The boulders have been placed in locations decided by the Property Team. One boulder is set along the south fence of the Memorial Garden facing toward Pearl Street. It provides a spot for quiet reflection, but outside the Memorial Garden so that it is available even when the garden is locked. The other five boulders are arranged in a semi-circle east of the Meeting House, providing a shaded place for small groups to meet.

A bit about the boulders:

The dark gray, flat-topped boulder is limestone from a quarry in Panton; this type of stone is often polished and sold as marble. It is sedimentary rock, formed over time by layers of sediment and the remains of marine organisms buried by those sediments over 450 million years ago - you may notice fossils from some of these ancient animals. This rock was part of a warm, shallow ocean region at a time when what is now New England and eastern Canada was attached to what is now the northwest coast of Africa - back when all of Earth's continents were connected in a single land mass known as Pangaea. 

The greenish boulders are from a quarry in Waitsfield. These are examples of metamorphic rock - rock that has been changed over time due to heat and pressure while in the Earth's crust. They consist mainly of calcite biotite schist, and have sparkling deposits of quartz embedded in them.  

The other boulders are igneous rock, formed by the cooling and solidification of rock that was once molten due to intense heat. They include a variety of rock types and textures that seem to be melted together, sometimes in wavy lines that form as the rock becomes solid. These boulders were removed from sand deposits in Bolton, but are originally from far north in Canada and were transported to Vermont by glaciers during the last ice age and then deposited along with the sand when the glaciers melted.

Rock on, UUs...

JUMP Needs Toilet Paper!
Ellen Wollensack

JUMP has run out of toilet paper! Literally every client walks away with a roll or two of our donated TP. The supply has finally dwindled down to nothing so we need to pick up the pace. Even if you aren't a regular at summer services, please consider stopping by with a case of TP during the week this summer. Our TP delivery people will make sure it gets to JUMP. Thank you!   
Help Needed with Nametag Organizing
Mary Williams, Society Administrator

If you store your FUUSB nametag on the rack in the Parlors (last names A-K ), you may have noticed that it is overflowing! The rack outside the Parlors (L-Z) is also pretty full. 

Did you know there are also nametag racks in the front vestibule (at the back of the Sanctuary)? Those racks have plenty of extra space. I f you keep your nametag on one of the Parlors racks (especially A-K) and would be willing to move it to the front vestibule, please do so the next time you are at the Meeting House. 

Hopefully we will end up with more organized storage so it is easier for everyone to find their nametags.  Thank you for your help!

Summer eNews Schedule
Please note the following summer publication schedule for the eNews !
July 25
August 8 and 22

In September we will resume our weekly schedule.  To submit an announcement, please send to by Monday of the week you want it published.