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November 8, 2011
  Water: Essential for Life


People can survive without food for weeks or months, but if you do not have access to water even for one day, your body and mind will start to deteriorate. Water is important to support the function of almost every part of the human body, including the digestive and circulatory systems.


Water is, of course, necessary for agriculture. Without water, the crops do not grow, causing food shortages.


Many of us take for granted the amount of water available to us and enjoy long hot showers in the mornings, washing clothes daily, or swimming laps in a local pool. Many of us have thrown away half-full bottles of water without a thought. Next time you grab a glass of water, think of those without and take action to help!

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FWD (Famine War Drought) Relief Day of Action: November 9, 2011


Over the past few decades, being pro-life has becoming more and more associated with only the issue of abortion. Even some religious leaders stress that because 4000 babies are murdered each day, opposition to abortion trumps all other issues when it comes time to vote at the polls. Is opposition to abortion enough to qualify someone as pro-life, or should we require more? Consider this.


Over the past 4 months, over 30,000 children have died in the Horn of Africa because of drought. In fact, this is the worst drought facing the Horn of Africa in 60 years. In that region, one child is dying every 6 minutes and 750,000 people are at risk over the next few months. To cope with the unavailability of food and water, families are forced to leave their homes, and some are walking up to 100 miles in search of enough food and water to keep them alive.


Malnutrition is common and on the rise, leaving adults and children weak and dehydrated. Sadly, infant mortality is also the rise, partly because of the effects of malnutrition on pregnant and nursing mothers. Other illnesses among the African people are also increasing.


Another inhumane side effect of the drought is an increase in human trafficking and violence against women. Young girls who think they are being taken to safety are instead sent to foreign countries to be used as sex slaves.


There is a lack of public awareness about the crisis in the Horn of Africa and the numbers of lives being lost daily. A recent poll indicated that 54 percent of Americans do not know about the devastation facing the African people.


Clearly, ending the famine and bringing water to these nations is a pro-life issue and is just as important as ending the destruction of an unborn child. As pro-life Democrats, we have a responsibility to not only advocate for curtailing further loss of life in Africa and around the world, but also to challenge our pro-life leaders who think being pro-life means only opposing abortion.


We can be part of the solution to protecting and saving lives. November 9, 2011, is a FWD Relief Day. We urge you to take action tomorrow to bring awareness to this crisis. The USAID has launched a website listing ways you can help bring awareness to the crisis in the Horn and end the suffering of the African people.


The sustainability of the region is critical to preventing future tragedies and the steps we take today will help alleviate more devastation in years to come. The Obama Administration launched the Feed the Future Program to address global hunger and drought. The USAID has invested in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America to address the unique challenges each region faces in providing food and water. In fact, Ethiopia and Kenya, although also facing the drought, have been able to continue to provide food to their people and be able to aid Somalia. The US led Feed the Future Program is at the heart of this success.


The US is not alone in its advocacy and monetary support. The African nations themselves are uniting to help the people on their continent. The African Union has raised over $350,000 thus far and has pledged to further address the situation in the Horn.


As pro-life advocates, we must continue our commitment to protect the unborn, but we must not ignore or diminish other lives that are being lost due to economic hardship, drought, hunger, or lack of health care. Being pro-life means protecting life at every stage and in every circumstance!



Is Opposition to Abortion Enough? 

As pro-life advocates, is it enough to focus only on ending abortion or should we require pro-life candidates to also commit to support initiatives that embrace a whole life position such as: support for a women to bring her pregnancy to term; efforts to end global hunger and prevent devastation in the event of drought; support for affordable health care; and other initiatives protect life from conception to natural death?

A NO answer indicates that you support a "Whole Life" position which requires our elected officials to protect life at all stages. Opposition to abortion, but ignoring all other life issues, is not enough!

A YES answer indicates that you believe that we should not demand more of our elected officials to qualify as pro-life. Opposition to abortion is enough.


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