March 2020
St. Patrick's Day-- it's not all green beer and shamrocks
St Patrick’s Day is a global celebration of Irish culture on or around March 17. It particularly remembers St Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints, who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century.

Key Perspectives from Canada's Largest Asset Managers About the Coronavirus Crisis
From iA Wealth "Product Research & Oversight"

Coronavirus-related fears have rattled markets and have resulted in plenty of advisor inquiries about the state of the investment landscape. We are product and portfolio construction experts, but when it comes to the economic and market-related ramifications of situations like this, we like to defer to our fund company partners, manu of which have experts around the globe monitoring things. To that end, we have sought out recent commentaries about the coronavirus crisis from these partners and we highlight some of the key perspectives in this piece.

To quickly review, the S&P 500 shed 6.6% from Monday to Wednesday this week, in local currency terms, while the S&P/TSX slipped 4.5% over the same time frame.

10 items to take with you in an emergency
If you have only seconds to grab something in an emergency what would you take?

The news is filled with devastating images of people forced from their homes when a disaster strikes. What would you do in an emergency if you had to leave home quickly with little time to pack—perhaps not knowing when you’ll be able to return, or if you will even return? Once family members and pets are safe, what should come next? 

Protecting your nest egg
As retirement nears, how can you protect and grow your portfolio?

You’re a few years from retirement, and the worst-case scenario passes through your mind: What if the stock markets plummet and drag down your nest egg, putting your retirement plan in jeopardy?
This was acceptable then because interest rates on fixed-income investments were high enough to provide for retirement savings. But today, interest rates are low and we’re living longer. Holding too much fixed income may prevent you from reaching your investment goal and fail to fund a retirement that may last 25 to 30 years (or longer).

Last call for 2019 RRSP contributions
Monday March 2nd, 2020 is the deadline for making an RRSP contribution for the 2019 tax year
For your convenience, your contribution can be made in the following 3 ways:
  1. If we have your banking information on file, you can call us or drop by the office to let us know the amount you would like to contribute (no emails please).
  2. Make an online bill payment from your bank account to HollisWealth, then call us to let us know that the transaction has been completed.
  3. Bring in a cheque to the office by 2pm on Monday March 2nd.

Helping you grow, protect and leave a legacy

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