June 3, 2021
Legal Alert: 
Summary of Oregon HB 2009 –
Foreclosure Moratorium and Loan Deferral
On June 1, 2021, Governor Brown signed HB 2009, which extends payment and foreclosure relief to homeowners affected by the Covid-19 crisis. This bill extends, with some modification, the protections the loan payment deferral and foreclosure prohibitions provided by 2020 HB 4204, which expired on December 31, 2020. These protections are retroactive to January 1, 2021.

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Hal Scoggins has been providing legal advice to credit unions since 1991, focusing on state and federal regulatory compliance, deposit and lending operations, contract and business matters, corporate governance, CUSOs, and all other aspects of financial service delivery. He frequently conducts seminars on legal matters for the Northwest Credit Union Association, Credit Union National Association councils, local chapters, and other trade groups.
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Marisol McAllister's practice focuses on real estate, financial services, and business law. In her financial services practice she represents financial service providers on complex commercial lending and leasing transactions and with judicial and non-judicial real estate foreclosures. In addition, she was designated as one of the Best Lawyers in America® 2018-2021 for Real Estate Law.

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Michelle Bertolino focuses on the representation of creditors in collection matters and protection of creditors' rights in bankruptcy. With 30 years of experience, she knows how to efficiently and effectively protect creditors' interests and recover their money and collateral. Michelle regularly represents credit unions, banks, lenders, leasing companies, and other financial service providers and creditors in bankruptcy matters, foreclosures, and consumer and commercial collections in Oregon and Washington.

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With a background in banking and business, Kelley Hodney brings considerable experience and working knowledge in the areas of consumer and commercial law relevant to assisting financial service providers on matters related to legal compliance, and creditors' rights litigation. She monitors regulatory changes and legislation at the federal level and in Oregon, Washington, and California that affects financial service providers.
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Brian Witt represents credit unions and CUSOs on corporate, operational, compliance, executive compensation and financial service delivery matters. Practicing law for more than 30 years, Brian has vast experience working with credit unions at all levels from the teller line to the Board room. Brian has developed extensive compliance resources for member response management, vendor management and contract review, information security programs, security response guidelines, online delivery of financial services, and credit union consumer and business lending.
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