2019-2020 SDPBC/CTA Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiations Update

This email update is meant to give you a brief summary of contract proposals submitted by each side. At the 5/14/2019 negotiation session, each side exchanged specific language proposals. Each side requested time between now and the next bargaining session to review one another's proposals. As such, we have no information at this time as to commentary from either side, counter-proposals, etc.
The next negotiation session is scheduled for May 23, 2019.

No salary proposals were exchanged by either side at this time.
If you would like to review the existing CBA between the SDPBC/CTA, use the following web address:

SDPBC Proposals

1.   Article II, Section V – Job Sharing

  • SDPBC has proposed changing language in this section to allow teachers with 2 completed years of consecutive successful employment with the school district to be eligible for job sharing opportunities. Current language requires a teacher to have completed 3 years to be eligible.

2. Article III, Section O - Substitutes and Interim Employees

  • SDPBC has proposed the following new language be added to this section, "Interim employees who have worked at least ninety-nine (99) consecutive work days in the school year may participate in the voluntary transfer process as set forth in Article IV, Section C."
  • Additionally, the SDPBC has proposed changes to language that states, "Interim employees who have satisfactorily fulfilled their responsibilities, as determined by their Principals/Directors, and to the extent possible in keeping with other provisions in this Agreement will be given first consideration when filling T-bargaining unit vacancies for which they are certified should they apply for such vacancies outside the voluntary transfer period."

3. Article V, Section B - Specific Paid Leaves

  • SDPBC has proposed restricting the use of personal leave by prohibiting usage during the first three weeks and last three weeks of the school year.
  • Exceptions to this proposed prohibition of use of personal days during the prescribed time-frames above would include: an emergency, bereavement, religious holiday, assist children moving as it relates to college, graduation events.

4. Appendix E - Family Medical Leave (FML)

  • SDPBC has proposed changing language to state, "Any FML shall be taken concurrently with any other leave provisions of this Agreement."
  • The district stated a recent legal ruling mandates the changing of this language. CTA is consulting with FEA and our legal department to ascertain more legal understanding of this proposal.

CTA Proposals

1.   Article III, Section B – Employee's Hours and Conditions

  • CTA is proposing changing language to ensure that all meetings called by school administrators before, during, and after school for individual teachers must be noticed in writing (email) and reference the nature/subject of said meeting.
  • CTA is proposing changes to language that would lower the current allowable threshold for uncompensated comp time related to open house/parent-teacher conferences from 20 hours to 10 hours per year.
  • CTA is proposing changes to language that would allow accrued comp time to roll over year to year.
  • CTA is proposing changes to language to specify that comp time may be taken when an employee has no student contact. This is a change from existing language that is vague and states that comp time may only be used when "students are not in attendance". Existing language is open to interpretation as to whether comp time is usable when you personally have no students vs when the entire school has no students in attendance.
  • CTA is proposing changes to language to allow use of comp time on PDD days.

2. Article III, Section P - Secondary (Middle, High, Vocational, Alternative, Special) School Scheduling

  • CTA is proposing changes to language that would prohibit forcing a teacher to take on a 6th period assignment, if the teacher does not wish to do so. Current language allows 6th period assignments to be forced upon teachers in certain circumstances.

3. Article III, Section C - Professional Qualifications and Assignments

  • CTA is proposing changes to language that would alter the current time-frame for tentative class assignments to be given to teachers for the next school year from "as early as May 1st, but no later than the last day of the current school year" to "at least two (2) weeks prior to the end of the voluntary transfer period." This change would mandate tentative class assignments be announced at the beginning of May, each year and allow for time to still remain within the Voluntary Transfer Period if an employee is unsatisfied with their tentative assignment and wishes to seek employment at an alternative school-site.
  • CTA is proposing changes to language that would allow "an employee entering at least his/her fifth (5th) consecutive year of employment with the District who is being reassigned to a grade level and/or subject to which he/she has not been assigned sometime during the previous three (3) school years is permitted to use the Voluntary Transfer Procedure in Article IV, Section C 1-4 of the Agreement both within and outside the regular Voluntary Transfer Period." Employees in this circumstance are already allowed to utilize Voluntary Transfer on an extended basis until July 1st. The current eligibility language states that 7 and 6 years respectively. The proposal would lower those requirements to 5 and 3 years.

4. Article V, Section B - Specific Paid Leaves

  • CTA is proposing new language be added to the contract to provide for up to three (3) paid bereavement days per school year for each employee. Usage would be restricted to only immediate family (spouse, sibling, child, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, grandparent-in-law, or domestic partner).

5. Appendix B- Supplements

  • CTA is proposing an increase of 10% to the current "supplemental hourly rate" from $25.00 to $27.50.
  • CTA is proposing an increase of 10% to the current "mandatory in-service trainer" rate from $7 to $7.72 per hour.
  • CTA is proposing the creation of a "self-contained ESE Teacher (non-gifted) supplement of $1,500 per year.

6. Appendix D - Additional Period Supplement

  • CTA is proposing an increase in the hourly rate for 6th period supplements from $25 to $35 per period.

SDPBC/CTA Special Item

Last negotiation session CTA requested that the SDPBC do an audit of all current mandatory in-service to determine the true extent of time that is required to complete all annual mandatory in-service.

The district came to the conclusion that (excluding specific mandatory in-service requirements based on individual course/grade level assignments) total mandatory in-service is approximately 5 hours per year.

CTA is proposing that 1/2 of ALL PDD days be earmarked for employees to use freely towards the completion of mandatory in-service.

SDPBC has stated they do not believe 1/2 of ALL PDD days is required to complete all annual mandatory in-service.


No salary proposals have been exchanged by either party at this time.
The next negotiation session is scheduled for May 23, 2019. It will take place in the school district board room from 1:00PM - 5:00PM.


CTA Negotiations Team

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