December 11, 2019
FY20 Substance Abuse Block Grant Funds Allocated Update 

Applicable to: Mercy Care Complete Care and Mercy Care RBHA
This notification has been updated with a corrected list of Mercy Care SABG Providers for Fiscal Year 2020. 

Providers received their Substance Abuse Block Grant (SABG) award notifications for fiscal year 2020. Reimbursement for all SABG sub-recipients will be fulfilled through a block payment methodology . SABG funding is used for substance use treatment services for uninsured or underinsured adults and youth with a substance use disorder based on the following priority schedule:
  • Pregnant women/teenagers who use drugs by injection
  • Pregnant women/teenagers who use substances
  • Other individuals who use drugs by injection
  • Substance using women/teenagers with dependent children and their families
  • As funding is available - all other individuals with a SUD, regardless of gender or route of use.

All Mercy Care behavioral health providers should be able to speak to SABG funding and will be subject to secret shopper calls throughout the grant year. Providers should be knowledgeable of network partners whom receive SABG funding to ensure appropriate referrals for members meeting grant eligibility criteria. 

Effective 11/1/2019, Mercy Care modified benefit coverage for NTXIX individuals. As a result, select state-only services identified within AMPM 310-B - Title XIX XXI Behavioral Health Services Benefit (formerly the AHCCCS Covered Behavioral Health Services Guide) may only be available for individuals meeting eligibility for select priority population criteria under Mental Health Block Grants (MHBG) and Substance Abuse Block Grants (SABG). SABG funds are only to be used for allowable services identified in the AMPM Policy 310-B and  AMPM Exhibit 300-2B . Restrictions of SABG funds are outlined within   AMPM Policy 320-T .

Please click on the link below to view providers: 

Additional information & resources regarding the Substance Abuse Block Grant
Questions regarding Substance Block Grant can be directed to Adonis Deniz Jr. at DenizJrA@mercycareaz.org  or Matt Gioia at gioiam2@mercycareaz.org .

If you have any questions, please contact your  Mercy Care Provider Relations Representative . Y ou can find this notice and all other provider notices on our website.

We appreciate your continued assistance, support and cooperation!