For Your Consideration
Tom Nazziola
Distant Places
Best Instrumental Composition
"Cat and Mouse"
Best Contemporary Classical Composition:
"Over the Horizon"
Tom Nazziola
About the Album
Composer/percussionist Tom Nazziola showcases his global influences through a wide array of rhythms, timbres, and instrumentation. Nazziola also explores his own memories and experiences, especially in the Rochester Suite – where he spent his formative college years. Whether far away in years or location, the distant places referenced here shaped the composer’s unique perspective and compositional voice.
Reviews / Press

“His talent is rare. His contribution indispensable.”
– Rolling Stone Magazine (Peter Travers)
“Nazziola has a fine ear for proportion, instrumental color, and balance….This is a fascinating album.” 
– The Art Music Lounge
“This is a great great record, hands down, all of it.”
– Todd Reynolds (violinist)

"An Extraordinary Album"
Habitación del Jazz

" all flows together seamlessly in Nazziola’s grand vision that leaves the listener absorbing the melodic, harmonic and even dramatic songcraft in both exciting and intimate ways."
– Take Effect
Composer - Tom Nazziola
Engineer - Barry Hartglass and Tom Nazziola
Producer - Tom Nazziola
Mastered by William Weisbach
Released 8.13.21 on Goju Records
The Making of Distant Places
A short video on the inspiration
and influences behind the music as well as a glimpse into the recording process.
(See Video above)
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