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May 2019
A Safe Space for Female Survivors

During my sophomore year at Ball State University, I took a debate course. At the end of the semester, a few of us participated in the final debate competition of the year alongside the school’s debate team. We argued three rounds “for” and three rounds “against” the topic. My partner and I lost every round, but we had a blast! So when the debate coach asked me to consider joining the team, I jumped at the offer. At the time I was a musical theatre major but debate proved to be a turning point in my life. A few months later I changed my major to pre-law. For the next two years, at the National Educational Debate Association Finals, my partner and I placed second and third, respectively.

I believe my experience studying theatre contributed to my success on the debate team, and continues to assist me in the practice of law. I’m able to step into the shoes of others as well as persuasively argue a point and tell a client’s story.

When I was searching for a clerkship, I knew I wanted to work for a firm where female attorneys were handling sexual assault cases. (It was shocking to me to learn how few women in the field were handling these cases.) Now, as an attorney at Lane & Lane, I often get comments from our clients expressing relief and comfort that they were able to speak with a female about their assault. I do everything I can to create a safe space for our clients, to make it easier for them to express what they’ve gone through. Doing so helps me better advocate for justice against their abusers. It’s what I’m most passionate about, and it’s made Lane & Lane a perfect fit for me.

This month’s newsletter includes:

  • A case about the survivor of a Chicago construction accident
  • News of how Lane & Lane gives back to the community
  • Safety suggestions for boating, swimming and bicycling
  • A Lane & Lane employee who is a big risk taker
  • Upcoming events in the city and surrounding areas

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Kellie J. Snyder
Associate Attorney
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An Active Lifestyle Came To A Screeching Halt
Lane & Lane Managing Partner Steve Lane handled this case for a
75-year-old woman who suffered post-concussion syndrome in a construction accident.
A settlement of $1.45 million was reached just days before the start of her trial.
In January 2014, our client, then 69 years old, worked as a safe passage worker for a Chicago high school. Beginning at 7:00 am, her job was to make sure the children of the neighborhood weren't disturbed by any adults or gangs, and to report any observations of drug use and fights on her watch. Along with wearing her own winter clothes, like her coworkers, she wore a "day-glo" yellow safety vest for visibility.
She walked about three miles each day, and went dancing once or twice a week. As a competitive swimmer she competed in the Senior Olympics. She socialized with friends often, going to the theater, to the movies, out to lunch and dinner, and church functions. She and her husband loved to host family gatherings, too. But that lifestyle came to a screeching halt the morning of January 17.

Meet Owen... a Loyola Medicine Hero
On June 9, Lane & Lane is sponsoring Team Owen in a 5K Run/Walk at Brookfield Zoo to benefit Loyola Medicine. It's our 6th year as sponsors, and several Lane & Lane employees will be participating in the event.
This event benefits infants in Loyola's neonatal unit and the most-critically ill in their pediatric intensive care unit. To hear Owen's story, click here or on the image.

A Successful Year for TOV Reads
The Tikkun Olam Volunteer (TOV) Network is dedicated to connecting members of the Jewish community with rewarding volunteer opportunities. This past school year, Sally Lane read one-on-one with a first grade student at Lozano Elementary School in Chicago. She's volunteered for TOV a number of times over the years, but this was her first TOV Reads experience. If you're interested in volunteering for this program, contact
Boating and Swimming Safety
It doesn’t matter whether you’re paddling on the Fox River or swimming in Lake Michigan, when you’re in and around water, you’ve got to follow proper safety precautions. You may be an expert swimmer or boater, but Mother Nature can be fickle and water conditions can change in an instant.

Here are some tips to keep you safe this spring and summer.
If you’re exploring your local park or one of Illinois’ beautiful state parks, think twice about entering the water (and if you do, make sure you know your surroundings well). Watch out for slippery rocks along creeks and streams. Stick to the established trails and avoid rock hopping when crossing streams. If you are allowed in the water, be aware of currents that can easily sweep you off your feet. Keep an eye out for underwater logs and rocks as well. And never jump off a waterfall or dive into a waterfall pool.

When swimming, don’t dive into the water. Only swim in designated areas and during low water conditions. Don’t swim alone and always closely supervise children. When boating, always wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets. Be aware of weather conditions and check the water reports. And of course, avoid drinking alcohol when swimming or boating.
Biking Precautions
Chicago is filled with great trails and areas for riding bicycles. Bicycles allow for easy navigation through and around traffic, they’re environmentally friendly, they provide great exercise, and they’re fun! But, like all recreational activities, cycling comes with the risk of injury. And even if you take all the proper precautions, you have to watch out for walkers, animals, other bikers, and motor vehicles.
Always wear a helmet when biking! Wearing a helmet drastically reduces your risk of serious head and brain injury. Make sure the helmet is approved by the American National Standards Institute, fits snugly but comfortably, and does not obstruct your vision. If you’re riding in the city, follow the rules of the road and always ride in the direction of traffic.

Here are other best practices to follow:
  • Avoid listening to loud music on headphones
  • Don’t text or talk on your phone
  • Don’t ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Avoid loose clothing and wear appropriate footwear
  • Stay hydrated on especially warm days and pace yourself
  • Keep your bike properly maintained

Finally, regardless of where you’re biking or cycling, take extra precautions at night. Wear bright fluorescent colors and make sure your bike has reflectors, headlights, and taillights. 
One Saturday last September, Jessica Gomez boarded a plane in Orlando bound for Chicago. She had a one-way ticket in her hand and three suitcases in the baggage compartment. After arriving, Jessica arranged a ride to her new home – a sight unseen (except for a brief FaceTime session with a realtor) unfurnished apartment in the Lower West Side of the city. That evening, Jessica took an Uber to a nearby Target and bought an air mattress.

On Sunday Jessica put away her belongings, shopped for groceries, and explored her new neighborhood. The next day she rode the Chicago Transit Authority Pink Line downtown to start her new job at Lane & Lane as a legal assistant. 
Looking back, Jessica recalls feeling terrified about her move. “I sold or gave away almost everything I owned – including my car. I left my family and my friends. But I had visited Chicago twice in 2017 and loved it. I was ready for a change in scenery.” 
"My first week of living in Chicago felt like a dream.
I was so drained. Mostly I tried not to get lost!"
Jessica’s relocation – which she orchestrated over a three-week period – wasn’t the first big risk she’s taken. In 2016, while attending a networking event with a friend, she met an attorney who was in search of an assistant. When he invited her to interview for the position, she said yes. When he later offered her the job, she accepted it.
“After working for six years at a health insurance company as an operations analyst I decided to try something new. I started from scratch, but the attorney I worked for was a great teacher.” It was her experience at this law firm that ultimately led to her employment at Lane & Lane. 
Today Jessica is loving life in Chicago. She appreciates the people (“everyone in the Midwest is super nice!”), the architecture, and the museums. She also enjoys working out, spending time with her new friends (courtesy of Bumble BFF), and volunteering for KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now), a program providing free recreational opportunities to children and young adults with disabilities. 

In April Jessica went to Orlando to spend Easter with her family. After listening to her rave about life in the big city, her brother commented that it didn’t seem like she would be interested in moving back home anytime soon. “I told him he was right. What I didn’t tell him was that by the end of my visit, I thought, ‘OK, I’m ready to go home -- to Chicago…’” 
Volta is Cirque du Soleil's latest show performed by amazing acrobats, aerialists, cyclists, comedians, dancers and gymnasts. Runs through July 6 in a heated tent at Soldier Field.

Red, White and Bar-B-Q is the state's largest BBQ competition with live music, craft vendors, a carnival, beer tent and barbecue. Free. May 24-26.

Chicago Gaelic Park Irish Fest offers music, dancing, food, beer, wine, vendors and children's activities. May 24-26.

Belmont-Sheffield Music Festival, May 25-26, includes local bands, entertainers, food, drink and street vendors. On North Sheffield Avenue from Belmont to Roscoe.

Live on the Lake, May 25-September 1 (Sat & Sun), features live music in the beer garden at Navy Pier. Free for all ages.

Bike the Drive the morning of May 26 -- the 15-miles stretch of Lake Shore Drive when it closes to vehicles -- and join the after-festival until noon at Butler Field.

Chicago Gospel Music Festival, May 31-June 1, at the Chicago Cultural Center and Millennium Park. Free.

Lincoln Park Greek Fest, May 31-June 2, serves Greek food, music, dancing and a craft fair on Sheffield Avenue outside St. George Greek Orthodox Church. Free.
Taste of Mexico, May 31-June 2, offers food from 20 restaurants, music and carnival rides at 26th & California Avenue. Free.

Ravinia Festival, billed as America's oldest outdoor music festival at Ravinia Park in Highland Park. May 31-September 15, nationally-known performers.

Chicago Ale Fest on June 1 features samples of 200 beers from 80 craft breweries, plus live music and restaurant food. At Butler Field in Grant Park.

Run for the Zoo, June 2, is a 10K, 5K and kids' stampede in Lincoln Park Zoo and Lincoln Park.

Juggernaut Film Festival, June 2-3, is an annual event at the Music Box Theatre, offers science-fiction and fantasy short films from around the world.

Andersonville Midsommarfest, June 7-9, is a street fair with live music, dancing, crafts, a kids' area, and ethnic food.

Loyola Medicine 5K Run/Walk at Brookfield Zoo brings together 2,500+ children, parents and community members to support pediatric health care at Loyola Medicine. The funds provide care for infants in the neonatal unit and the most critically-ill in the pediatric intensive care unit. June 9. Fee includes admission to the zoo for the day, parking, and a t-shirt.
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