Ministers, Educators, Administrators and Clerks, please share this information with your congregation. 
August 6, 2020
Pastoral Care Fund Need
As part of its pastoral care of ministers of the Word and Sacrament and certified Christian educators, the Committee on Ministry (COM) makes confidential disbursements from the Pastoral Care Fund to those with demonstrated need. It is a gentle and loving way to show that the Presbytery cares when someone is hurting and needs help.

The Fund is replenished by the offerings received at the ordination and installation services of candidates for the office of minister of the Word and Sacrament. Prior to COVID-19, five or more ordinations happened per year. With physical distancing requirements and limits on gatherings, there have been no ordinations or installations of ministers since March 1. 

The balance in the Fund is just over $1,200 and requests average $500. An ordinary month sees one or two requests considered by COM.

At its July meeting, the COM authorized me to request that churches consider contributing to this Fund. If you are able, a check can be mailed to the POJ office, 3218 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, VA 23227. Our staff is opening mail and depositing weekly so there will be no delay in processing gifts from churches.

In advance, let me thank you for your generosity during this challenging time in the life of our world. Ministers and educators who have a need will be blessed by your generosity.

In Christ's Service,
Fred A. Holbrook
Interim General Presbyter & Stated Clerk
Application Period Extended for Young Adult Volunteer Program
The deadline to apply for the 2020-2021 Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) year has been extended. Volunteers are young people (ages 19-30) who serve for one year in sites across the United States and around the world. The program has been modified due to the pandemic, but still promises to be a transformative experience focused on simple living, intentional community, cross-cultural mission, leadership development, and vocational discernment. POJ's World Mission Ministry offers financial support.
2020-2021 Application Deadlines
International sites: September 15, 2020
National sites: September 30, 2020

The application period for 2021-2022 opens October 1, 2020. Have questions on the YAV experience? Contact YAV alum Colleen Earp.

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