Ministers, Educators, Administrators and Clerks, please share this information with your congregation.  
May 21, 2020
POJ Seeks to Understand Coronavirus Impact on Churches and Ministry Partners
This unusual time has caused countless disruption in our lives. POJ is interested in learning more about the impact of COVID-19 on our member congregations and ministry partners. Please share your thoughts by completing the appropriate survey below. The option for churches has 15 questions; the version for ministry partners has four questions. We look forward to learning about your experience and supporting your ministry.
New to Zoom? Training Classes Available
If you anticipate attending the virtual presbytery meeting on June 16 and are new to Zoom, we invite you to participate in training on this technology. One session will focus on using Zoom's audio conferencing capacity through a telephone (cell or landline). The other session will incorporate the video conferencing aspect of Zoom for users participating through a computer or smart phone. Choose the training class that applies to your situation.

** Clerks of session: since not all commissioners receive FYI, please share these opportunities with those who will represent your church at the meeting.
Zoom Training for
Telephone Users
June 2 at 10 a.m.
Zoom Training for
Computer/Smart Phone Users
June 4 at 6 p.m.
If these opportunities are not compatible with your schedule, contact Barbara Espigh to discuss alternative options.
A Few More Zoom Trainers Needed
We are growing our list of Zoom trainers to help those new to the technology participate in our upcoming presbytery meeting. We are still seeking a few more Zoom experts. Contact Barbara Espigh if you are able to help.
Values to Embrace for Uncertain Times
This week, Associate for Stewardship Deborah Rexrode shared an article with POJ staff that she found meaningful in responding to the disruption the pandemic has caused. In it, the author, Lee Ann Pomrenke, uses her experience as an interim pastor to coach others on living in a liminal, or transitional, time.
Stated Meetings
June 16
Presbytery of the James Stated Meeting
Overture deadline: April 21 at noon
Packet online: June 2
Oct 17
Presbytery of the James Stated Meeting
Orange PC, Orange
Overture deadline: Aug 20 at noon
Packet online: Oct 1
Churches throughout POJ are looking for new talent. Find information about opportunities on POJ's job board.

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