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August 1, 2019
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Community Development
Land Management Online Portal
We've taken our processes online to provide easier access and streamline documentation and requests. Our new land management software system allows applications, payments, and permit/inspection requests to be made as well as check the status of your license all through the new portal!

Community and Economic Development
Fire and Emergency Services
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Leisure Services
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Safety Tips for Runners & Walkers!
The Police Department would like to offer the following tips to keep yourself safe when out and about. 
Helpful tips for runners and walkers: 
1) Do not run or walk alone. Two people are harder to control than one, so attackers are less likely to strike and if they do, you’ve just doubled your chance of survival;
2) Do not walk or run with earphones. When loud music is blaring in your ears, it is difficult to hear a potential attacker approaching from behind. If you must run with music, use one earpiece and switch ears during your run;
3) Alter your route. Walking or running the same route, or the same two routes, day after day, makes you an easy target for stalkers;
4) Run or walk against traffic. It makes it harder for someone to abduct you in a vehicle if you see them coming. This also helps prevent traffic related accidents;
5) Wear reflective material to be easily seen;
6) Always carry identification of some kind. Write your name, phone and blood type on the inside of your athletic shoe and include any other medical information. 
Bottom line, do not be an easy target, be aware of your surroundings, and listen to your instincts!
Congratulations to Lt. Chris Sutcliff for being selected as the 2019 Officer of the Year by Perry Rotary Club. Lt. Sutcliff is now in his 22nd year as an officer with our department. He has served on specialized units such as our bicycle squad and the Houston County Sheriff’s Office “Sheriff’s Response Team”, where he served as a sniper trained in Precision Long Range shooting. Through the years, Lt. Sutcliff was promoted as a Field Training Officer, then as a Patrol Sergeant, then a detective in the Criminal Investigative Division, and finally as a Lieutenant in the Patrol Division. Lt. Sutcliff is one of our department’s firearms instructors, responsible for training new officers and current members of the department. 
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