Dear Provider,

This notice is to inform you of the communication that was sent out to parents/guardians regarding their redetermination. This notice is for informational purposes only. No action is required on your part.
August 6, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Our records show that your child care is set for redetermination in the month of September. Redetermination is required to ensure your child(ren) remains enrolled. 


  • You may continue to receive services with a valid referral issued in three-month increments, as long as the provisions of the Governor’s Executive Order remains in effect or the OEL (Office of Early Learning) otherwise determines an end date for the program. *
  • Parent copayments may continue to be waived in increments that align with the referral authorization dates.

*OEL will provide the coalitions 30 days-notice prior to conclusion of the program for existing first responder and essential health care worker families.
How to Complete Redetermination

In order to continue care we need a new referral completed and signed:

You can complete redetermination online (using your computer, tablet, or smartphone). This will allow us to serve you better and save time each time you have to redetermine eligibility for your childcare benefits.

1.      Log on to the OEL Family Portal

2.      Scroll to the “School Readiness Funding” Section at the bottom of the page and click “Update Eligibility”
3. You will receive the “Welcome to Eligibility Verification Wizard” and will click “Start”
The EV wizard will open.

4.      You will be able to upload the new referral under “Additional Documents”
5.      You will be required to acknowledge ALL SECTIONS of the application wizard as accurate and complete by clicking “Yes”:
IMPORTANT: If a new referral is not submitted your First Responder/Essential Workers scholarship will be terminated. If you feel your case should be screened for possible eligibility in the income based School Readiness Program, please email us at In order to be eligible for this program your income must be below 85% SMI (State Median Income).
Thank you for your quick response,

Early Learning Coalition of Broward County