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Would you like to have your company logo included in a FaB Talent Ad that will receive 78 television appearances in 2019?

If talent attraction is a priority for you, please consider partnering with FaB to place an animated TV spot about food industry career opportunities on the two-time Emmy Award-winning  Wisconsin Foodie television series on PBS.

Our apology for the short lead time, but we have a deadline of Friday, November 23 facing us.  We're seeking up to four companies to match FaB's $5,000 investment, for a total raise of $25,000 to underwrite the ad on the popular series. (Note: payment is due early 2019.)

This marketing opportunity will position the industry and up to four companies in front of millions of viewers (and potential talent) across Wisconsin and the Midwest, from Chicago to the Twin Cities. As a point of reference, when FaB aired a similar spot on the series in 2016, we saw a 400% increase in our job board activity.
For your $5,000 investment:

Your company logo will be included in the a 15-second animated talent ad that will appear at the beginning and end of each of the 13  Wisconsin Foodie  episodes in 2019, with each episode airing three times. That's a total of 78 impressions on television for your investment.

The animated ad will be an  updated version of  this FaB 15-second spot . We anticipate positioning your company logo at the end of the spot prefaced by  Check out career opportunities with these food and beverage companies . The spot will direct viewers to FaB's online Career Center in which you will have prominent placement.

In addition to a prominent placement of your company with a brief profile on FaB's Career Center site pages, we'll also place you prominently at the top of our Job Board.

Plus, Radio Tower Productions (parent of  Wisconsin Foodie  and  Edible Milwaukee ) is offering a full-page ad in an edition of their  Edible Milwaukee  magazine. The ad will feature the  FaB Career Infographic , and to similar the TV spot, we will position your company logos at the bottom of the page prefaced by  Check out career opportunities with these food and beverage companies.

Finally, along with FaB's, your logo and link will be placed within the  Underwriters section  of the 
Wisconsin Foodie  website, as well as under "Media Partners" on every page of the site.

Simply reply to this email or contact Shelley at or 414.287.4143. 


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