September 2021

Marriage in Christ
is a strong presence in
Fort Portal, Uganda!

As promised, this is the second of three installments reporting on the impact of Marriage in Christ in Uganda.
Pictured is a couple participating in a Marriage in Christ seminar sponsored by Christians in Commerce in the Fort Portal, Uganda area.

Most marriages and families in Uganda have many challenges, in areas ranging from relationships to finances. Our friends in Uganda tell us that the Marriage in Christ materials are an answer to a huge need for marriage and family renewal.

"For us, the Marriage in Christ program is healing the disturbed marriages and strengthening the healthy ones," says Aloysius.

The Marriage in Christ seminar is fulfilling the need for pastoral formation of husbands and wives. Participants complete the seminar over several weekends. In order to host the seminar, the CIC team travels to various locations, bringing food, tents, mattresses, firewood, and other supplies. The preparations by good brothers and sisters allow the MIC seminar to proceed in peace.

Christians in Commerce now operates as WorkLight in the United States. Worklight continues to support Marriage in Christ. For more information, go to
Is there an in-person Marriage in Christ seminar at your place of worship in the future?

Contact Fran on how you can host an in-person seminar in your neighborhood, your place of worship, or any group setting.

The Marriage in Christ At Home seminar can be used by parishes or groups!
September 2021
Introduction to
Isaiah and Micah 

This month we reflect on the words of Isaiah and Micah about covenant fidelity, righteousness, a great feast, the joy of wine, and the birth of a child. We read, study, and pray with Scripture as a couple to encounter God, to allow Scripture to correct us and shape our worldview, and to see how our marriage and family fit into the true story of the world. We study Scripture, puzzle over it, and relish it.

We turn our attention to the southern kingdom of Judah not too long after the ministries of Amos and Hosea in Israel, the northern kingdom. The two small kingdoms of Judah and Israel were threatened with extinction by the Assyrian kings and their mighty, merciless army.

Bill Wacker
Director Emeritus
Conversation Starters and Loving Actions for you!
Have you ever trusted the Lord and found that your step of faith changed the outcome of a difficult situation?

Have you ever seen or experienced a lightning storm? Do you enjoy watching storms?

As a child, did you ever count the seconds between a thunderclap and a flash of lightning? Every 5 seconds of time indicates that the lightning is one mile away from your location.

Have you ever sung a song to your beloved? Would you ever do this for him or her?

What does the word peace mean to you?

Is your home a place of peace or of chaos?

Go on a wine-tasting date. Or, try some hard ciders or various beers.

Say "Good morning" to your spouse by making him or her a favorite tea, coffee, or smoothie. Serve it with a big smile.

Go to a fruit orchard and taste the many varieties available.

Leave a love note for your beloved in an unusual place, like taped to the jar of peanut butter.

Go dancing.

Invite your beloved to sit on the porch with you and just hold hands.

Make your spouse's favorite meal; enjoy it together by candlelight.
Follow Marriage in Christ
Come, Holy Spirit, inspire our hearts; inspire couples to desire your presence in their life, marriage, & family. Draw them to you. May we be a vehicle to reveal you to them.