October 2021

Marriage in Christ
is a strong presence in
Fort Portal, Uganda!

This is the third and final installment reporting on the impact of Marriage in Christ in Uganda.
Pictured are couples participating in a Marriage in Christ seminar sponsored by Christians in Commerce in the Fort Portal, Uganda area.

Many men and women, members of Christians in Commerce, help to facilitate Marriage in Christ seminars. The facilitators participate in three training sessions. The training focuses on helping their own marriages to be strong and stable and to be a good example of Christian marriage to the new participants.

They have created fraternities of five couples which meet once per month for an hour to encourage and be accountable to one another. Periodically they meet in larger groups. The fraternities help the team evaluate the effectiveness of the Marriage in Christ program.

One of the talks of the seminar weekend is titled The Divine Plan for Marriage and Family. This talk addresses the conflict between the cultural practice of polygamy, which is legal in Uganda, and Christ's plan for marriage and family. The CIC plan is to first bring couples to Christ and then help them understand Christ's precepts. Many couples have embraced monogamy and are speaking out in favor of monogamy.

Emmanuel & Provia Kayumbu are a couple whose marriage was transformed by attending a Marriage in Christ seminar. Emmanuel states, "I hated the relationship with my wife and I suppose she hated me as much as I hated her."

Christians in Commerce now operates as WorkLight in the United States. Worklight continues to support Marriage in Christ. For more information, go to WorkLight.org.
Is there an in-person Marriage in Christ seminar at your place of worship in the future?

Contact Fran on how you can host an in-person seminar in your neighborhood, your place of worship, or any group setting.

The Marriage in Christ At Home seminar can be used by parishes or groups!
Historical Setting for Jeremiah and Ezekiel

For a full introduction to the historical situation at the time of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, I would recommend that you consult the introduction to those prophets in any good study bible. The story is complex and full of names that are often difficult for us to keep straight. It is also riveting. On the international stage, the oppressive Assyrian empire was coming to an end, the Egyptians were meddling in Palestine, and the Babylonian empire was overshadowing all. The Jews were restless to overthrow the foreign oppressors and were ripe for rebellion and revolution. Jeremiah tried to dissuade them. But they did not listen.

October 2021
Introduction to Jeremiah

There is so much to study in Jeremiah’s work, but we will limit our study and meditations to a dozen passages to help us understand the true nature of covenant, and marital love. The tender and intimate images of married love are used to describe the relationship of God and his covenant people. The heart-wrenching images of marital infidelity had unfolded the true nature of idolatry. In Jeremiah, marriage also supplies the images to understand not only what the relationship of God and his people is like now, but also the promise of our deepest hopes for the future as well

Bill Wacker
Director Emeritus
Conversation Starters and Loving Actions for you!
In what ways do you worship the Lord as a couple?

Have you ever thought you were invincible?

Share a favorite memory from your wedding day.

Do you remember your first kiss with your spouse? What was it like?

Where is the Lord in the subtle aspects of your daily lives?

Where does your heart find rest?

Are you willing to confide in the Lord by sharing with him your deepest desires?

Do you live in hope that God is present in your life now?

If a garden represented your life and marriage, what kind of plants would be in it?

Has a time of sorrow in your life been turned into joy?

Plan a puzzle date night.

Carve and decorate pumpkins together.

Volunteer at a food shelf together.

Watch a movie outdoors.

Spend an afternoon at a local fair or festival.
Go antiquing or thrifting together.

Take a drive in the country and pack a picnic lunch or dinner to share along the way.

Go on a bookshop date. Find a charming bookshop with a café and comfy couches. Linger and get lost in conversation about the books you each picked out.
Matrimonio en Cristos is now in a pilot phase.
Praying with the Bible as a Couple: Marriage in the Bible is in its ninth month.
The 2021-2022 fiscal year is beginning its 2nd quarter. We are grateful for your response to our financial need. To date we have raised $8000. We require an additional $52,000 to finance the entire fiscal year.
Follow Marriage in Christ
Come, Holy Spirit, inspire our hearts; inspire couples to desire your presence in their life, marriage, & family. Draw them to you. May we be a vehicle to reveal you to them.