August 2021
Marriage in Christ is a strong presence in Fort Portal, Uganda!
In 2010, Aloysius Mugisa traveled from Uganda to the United States to attend a conference hosted by Christians in Commerce, an organization whose mission is to make Christ alive in the workplace. During the conference, Aloysius was introduced to the Marriage in Christ seminar.

Aloysius asked to take the seminar materials back to Uganda. He shared the materials with other Christians in Commerce members and Bishop Robert Muhiirwa. They decided to tailor the program to fit the marriage situation in Uganda. The Christians in Commerce team presents talks to large groups of couples, they break into discussion groups, and of course, they have couple discussion and prayer.

"For us this program is a life to live, not a program to do and complete," says Aloysius.
Bishop Robert Muhiirwa, the bishop in Aloysius's diocese, is very excited about bringing couples to understand the importance of Christ in their marriage and life.

Bishop Robert rallies people for Marriage in Christ at every opportunity. He even financially supports couples to attend the seminar.

The numbers of participants have been increasing each year. In the first year, thirty-five couples attended the seminar. In the last three years, up to four hundred couples have attended every year.

About half of the couples who have come were not involved with Christians in Commerce, but were devoted listeners of the Uganda CIC chapter's evangelical radio talk shows.

Bishop Robert states, "The fruits of love, peace, joy, reconciliation, better
parenting, overcoming poverty, among others, are being witnessed
more and more."

Read more of Bishop Robert Muhiirwa's comments on how Marriage in Christ is changing lives in Fort Portal, Uganda. This is the first installment on the impact of Marriage in Christ in Uganda. Other stories will appear in the September and October newsletters.

Christians in Commerce now operates as WorkLight in the United States. They continue to support this effort. For more information go to
Thank you to the many MIC alumni that have responded to our donation plea. We have raised $5000 to date.

Our need is to raise an additional $55,000 this fiscal year to meet our administrative needs and produce Matrimonio en Cristo.

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Your financial support will sustain our mission to be a visible sign of Christian marriage, to encourage personal love and friendship between spouses, and to present an opportunity for couples to invite the Holy Spirit into their marriages.

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Executive Director, Marriage in Christ
Is there an in-person Marriage in Christ seminar at your place of worship in the future?

Contact Fran on how you can host an in-person seminar in your neighborhood, your place of worship, or any group setting.

The Marriage in Christ At Home seminar can be used by parishes or groups!
August 2021
Introduction to Marriage in the Prophets: Amos and Hosea

Most of us think about prophecy as prediction of future events. While there is some truth to that, the primary role of the prophet was to speak God’s word to people about their concrete historical situations. Their words had a “best if used by” quality to them; they were current, often urgent. When they referred to the future, they were usually pointing out the immediate consequences of breaking the covenant. Their goal was to cause a change in the lives of their countrymen: “Repent, change, so that you won’t be destroyed by the enemy that is just over the horizon.”

Bill Wacker
Director Emeritus
Conversation Starters and Loving Actions for you!
Tell your spouse how he or she captivates your heart.

Who or what are you pursuing?

Share about a time when you felt compassion from your spouse or another person.

How have you experienced healing in your marriage?

What kind of food truck would you like to own?

Share a favorite memory of summer with your spouse.

Celebrate summer with a barbecue.

Create a new summer drink, like pineapple-ginger lemonade.

Pack a picnic lunch and go relax on a beach.

Have a hula hoop contest.

Tell your spouse jokes while doing the dinner dishes. Try this one. What kind of socks do you need to plant zucchini? Garden hose!
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