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Many of you have reached out to us expressing your concern with exercising while wearing a face covering. We shared this concern with the State of Nevada and evidently Governor Sisolak put some thought to it as well.

The Governor issued a revision to his directive that includes additional information about wearing face coverings in gyms:

When and where am I required to wear a face covering?

While working out indoors at a gym, fitness center, dance studio, or boutique fitness facility:
  1. When interacting with other people.
  2.  When entering and exiting the facility and while in common areas in the facility.
  3. When physical distancing is difficult and exercise type and intensity allows for the wearing of a face covering.
  4. When doing low-intensity activities like walking on an indoor track, stretching, or doing low-intensity yoga, Pilates, or similar exercises.
  5. Consider doing any vigorous-intensity exercise outside and at least 6 feet from other people not in your household, when possible.

As indicated in the 3rd bullet point above, when intensity level makes wearing a mask difficult or impossible, it should be removed as long as physical distancing is occurring. Please make the decision based on what feels right for you while exercising.

As covered above in the Governor’s update, please wear a mask when entering the gym, walking between areas, in common areas, when speaking with other members or staff, and when leaving. 

So, please wear a mask when you are not engaging in exercise.

This update did not change the requirement that employees must wear masks.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we work through these constant changes. And as a reminder, we have a large lawn and you are welcome to take equipment outside where masks are not required. We also offer several group classes on our lawn including some new additions (see our Facebook page)!
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