Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
Dream Journal ~ May 2020 
Mother’s Day!
Consider giving a gift of soap and face masks to a Cambodian mother for Mother’s Day in honor of your Mother, Aunt, Grandmother, Godmother… $25 will supply 35 people with masks and a bar of soap and priceless information.
New website
Gary Anglin & George Goodman of Trinex Internet Solutions have been instrumental in the new look of our website. It is more streamlined and yet still gives all the details of our many programs. A big Thank YOU to Trinex , who have been generously hosting our website for 10 years. So check out our new look and let us know what you think.
COVID Awareness Outreach
It is heartwarming to see how clear information on COVID-19 protection along with free masks and soaps is accepted with gratitude amongst the rural Cambodians. We are grateful to all donors, big and small, who help our hard-working team on the ground reach out to the villagers!
With the financial support of Texel Foundation ( $16,000 ), we are able to go into 86 villages in three districts. We can swiftly bring our message to 129,000 people.

Rotary Club Sentosa, Singapore
Once again, our partner, Rotary Club Sentosa, Singapore has stepped up to the plate. They quickly raised funds for 20,000 Masks and bars of soap to be distributed in the Angkor Thom villages.

Another Singaporean partner, IX Architects Pte Ltd, managed by Mr Chu Yang Keng, has added to their fabulous work on latrines by fundraising for masks and soaps.

Three great young guys Ryan Esser , Toby Lee-Evans , and Roman Davies , high school students from King George V School in Hong Kong have made it their mission to raise $10,000 to help CCDO provide ceramic water filters, bars of soap as well as Lifesaver Jerry Cans.

They plan to fly to Siem Reap in October to join us in our work with the villagers, explaining the benefits of healthy hygiene. Watch out Hong Kong, as they will be approaching corporations and friends and family to ensure that their goal is met in the next few months through their GoFundMe campaign . You can also encourage and support their lofty goal by clicking on Hydrus donate button on our website.

If you have received US stimulus funds check and don’t have a need for it, consider donating it to those under the strain of COVID losses. 
This exceptionally challenging year CCDO decided not to actively participate in the Giving Tuesday Now campaign. While we respect our Giving Tuesday partner who continuously raises the bar and creates more awareness for charities, CCDO feels strongly that there are urgent local needs worldwide with health workers and unemployed that need to be taken care of.

We always appreciate any donation, now in particular for clean water and soap to help with our COVID-19 response.

Our partner, Together We Can Change The World (TWCCTW) has granted $1,550 to build 5 new wells for families.

Once again, a Thank YOU to Beth & Kevin Hoffman who have generously donated $1,000 to be used where most needed.
Matching Donations
Rodrigo Setti was so touched by his participation in our Travel with Purpose trip to Cambodia in January, that he immediately donated $500 which was then matched by his company, Google .
We had Peng Lim , Carrie Burt and their family & friends visit Cambodia 18 months ago. They have been impressed as to how CCDO manages to touch the lives of so many people. They remembered us in this time of COVID crisis and donated $1500 which will be matched by Peng’s employer, VMware from California.

Do check with your employer if and to what maximum they match tax deductible donations. Most do not exhaust their yearly allocated funds!
Staff News
Our Preschool coordinator Bunsrak’s  3-month old daughter Enna , had a heart operation. We are so grateful that after a difficult recovery the baby and her parents are doing well. The caring dad is getting an extra week leave to help take care of his daughter. 
Our wonderful Teacher Trainer Sitha Sok married his fiancée Chea Seiha on 1st May with close family of 30 people to help celebrate. According to tradition, a wedding takes place only when the stars align and the next opportunity would be in 2 years. The happy couple gave up the large wedding of hundreds, as is custom in Cambodia, so that they could marry in this time of COVID.
Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
to change lives, one child at a time.