Face Masks for Connecticut Small Business Employees
CONNSTEP  and  CBIA  are working together with the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services, the Connecticut Hospital Association, and others to organize resources to serve the urgent needs of those on the frontline battling COVID-19.

Limited quantities of masks are available free to employers with 50 or fewer employees considered  essential businesses as designated by the state .

Eligible businesses can request a maximum of two masks per employee  through this website.

Requested masks will be distributed based on the city or town in which the business is located as early as the week beginning April 27.

Supplies are limited. Eligible employers are urged to  submit requests  as quickly as possible.

Small businesses that have little contact with the public are urged to create their own face masks or face coverings based on  CDC guidelines .
Offer Manufacturing Capability

Do you have the capacity to manufacture products someone might need?
Essential Small Business Mask Request

Are you an essential business,  as defined by state , located in Connecticut with 50 employees or less in need of surgical masks (not N95 respirators)?