September 18, 2020
A Message from the Superintendent: Next Steps
The recurring themes that have emerged this year have been health, safety, and equity. We have listened to our community and staff and continue to ensure a safe and equitable environment while following the Washington State Department of Health guidelines. A return to face-to-face instruction has always been the goal, and I am thrilled that we are ready to take our next steps!

We are currently providing face-to-face instruction for students receiving special services. Soon we will have groups no larger than five (5) for laboratory sciences and career and technical education courses requiring on-site attendance to engage in hands-on learning activities that cannot be replicated in a virtual environment. And as early as October 5, we will have our kindergarten students return to face-to-face instruction in an A/B model.

I am so excited to have our kindergartners back in the classroom! If your child is in Kindergarten, you will receive communication from Principal Hunt and Assistant Principal Poleman with detailed next steps for you and your child, including transportation, food service protocols, and attestation requirements and standards. Click here to view the Lintott-K-face-to-face-start-plan. For questions about the startup plan for Kindergarten, please contact Bob Hunt, Principal, or Brenda Pohlman, Asst. Principal at 360-807-7215.

Thank you to our staff, parents, and students for being nimble and adjusting with each step towards in-person instruction. We all want to be back in the classroom when it is safe and these are the first steps toward that goal!
Coffee and Conversation with Christine
Because every voice matters, you are invited to meet face-to-face with Superintendent Dr. Christine Moloney. Call Gayle Meister at (360) 807-7200 to reserve your spot.