VEG’ers are not just sitting around twiddling their digits. The pandemic has not ended events. Instead, and very quickly, it has evolved them. Here is this week’s news in the world of events, brought to you by the VEG.
May 27 | 3pm EDT | ZOOM
Sundance: How Did They Do It?
Kick off the Memorial Day holiday weekend with Jon Williams and Tara Hein-Phillips at a May 27th VEG. We’ll talk about how they used AR/VR, social media and event tech to make this year’s virtual Sundance a huge success.
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Last Chance for SPROCKIT/VEG Social Invite
Experience 12 cutting-edge products in the virtual event space. Content distribution, meetups, better video streaming….something for everyone. Here’s the full lineup of products. . Email to inquire about an invite.

Victor Torregroza’s uplifting talk at our April 22nd meetup got rave reviews from so many of you. We can’t post the video online (copyright thingies) but Victor shared this brilliant summary slide. He also took us on the way back machine to CES 2018 when the LVCC experienced a 90 minute blackout. As the Intel booth went into darkness, HÄANA, a celebrated musician, gave an impromptu concert, an important lesson in contingency planning.

  • Wonder Tools
    Longtime colleague Jeremy Caplan started a new substack devoted to how to make digital stuff look better. From Zoom meetings to Powerpoint templates, and even events, you’re bound to find a gem here. Follow him at @jeremycaplan.

  • Can Facebook Break the Sound Barrier
    Facebook will soon have podcasts, Clubhouse-like audio rooms and short form video messaging. Zuckerberg says he’s out to make audio a ‘first class’ media on Facebook and that we’ll all have sound recorders in our pockets. Read my analysis here. 

  • Mmhmm, Is It Just Me?
    I’m terrified to go public with my use of Phil Libin’s new Mmhmm app. The app adds cool effects to any Zoom call but I live in fear of Zoom-fail. That said, it is a super clever app. Basically you tell Zoom to use Mmhmm as your designated camera (in lieu of your actual camera) for the duration of the meeting. Once connected, it lets you do all sorts of cool tricks like display your photo in an oval, run presentations behind you like a news anchor, or add fun effects. Try it (free trial) and let me know what you think.

  • Burning Man, Burning Out 
    Burning Man is having an identity crisis. First event planners said that requiring vaccinated attendees would spoil the ‘Burning Man ethos’. Then they started offering $2,500 placeholder tickets to guarantee you’ll be able to purchase a real ticket (an expensive ticket) when they do go on sale. Burning man or burning rich guy with a libertarian streak? Breaking news - as of April 27th Burning Man 2021 has been officially cancelled.

  • Should You Go to Events or Should They Come to You? 
    It’s likely that places like Detroit, Phoenix, Dallas, and Seattle are going to start to look more inviting to events planners. Smaller venues, affordable prices and the notion of bringing events to new destinations will be hot.

  • Planners Think Social
    These social media insights from PRNnewsonline let you be more strategic.

  • Please, not another trivia?  
    Which one of these engagements haven’t you tried? 7 Interaction Tips for Your Next Virtual or Hybrid Event

  • Netflix’s Prediction Engine
    Can you imagine running an event on Netflix? Here’s what events planners can learn about predictive engagement
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