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November 2018 Newsletter
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Facebook fan talks about the Wichita Wurlitzer
"Many of you have marveled at my years of posts on pipe organs and theaters around the country and the world and if you're anything like me, you probably have a passion for a certain subject or cause. And we all have had a starting point where it all began. For me, this instrument was where my passion for the organ really started. This particular Wurlitzer organ is a very historic instrument and originally started life in the Paramount Theater at Times Square NYC. For the past 50 odd years though, it has lived in Wichita KS at their famous Century II Convention Center. I have never heard it live, having only ever heard it on recordings. But it was just such a CD from the mid-1980s that did it for me! I love the sound of this instrument, in this acoustical setting! The amazing thing about this organ is that it has not really been messed with (added to) or finessed into something far beyond what it was designed to do. It very much still reflects the designers intent and the loving care lavished upon it by Wurlitzer technician Daniel Papp and the legendary organist/designer Jesse Crawford as built by the Wurlitzer Organ Co. of Tonawanda NY. The dynamic range and lushness of this instrument is astounding and frankly, there is no pedal division that sounds like this one! Talk about a firm foundation! As for the artist, I have been a fan of Brett Valliant for quite some time. His arranging style is always fresh and alive and leaves the listener wanting for more. For those of you who have followed my Crooner vs Organ video series on YouTube, it has been a lifelong dream to record a live album with this instrument!" - Mark Demmin II, Naperville, Illinois, posted October 30, 2018, (Unsolicited comment)
Click HERE for a link to the video Mark attached to his post.
(FYI - More than 1/3 of the 1367 Wichita Wurlitzer fans are outside of Wichita.)
Your Feedback on Safety Last
Selected Comments -- How was Safety Last with Clark Wilson?
  • Made me feel alive and excited. Beautiful performance with a wonderful movie
  • I wished I had known how good it was before, I would have brought my grandson.. Enjoyed every minute.
  • We REALLY appreciated the history Clark shared before the presentation.
  • Too much talking before the show. People come to see a show, not get a history lesson.
  • His tour of the organ sounds was most appreciated. We brought a guest that had never heard the organ before, so she particularly appreciated learning of the organ's capabilities.
  • I wish there had been a second showing so I could have brought people to it. I had never been before. It was AMAZING!
A summary with all comments is available using this LINK.
Upcoming Shows
There will be two shows next spring. Thursday, March 21, 2019, and Monday, May 6, 2019. Details will be announced as the plans are finalized. The best information on these dates and future dates will be found in the Wichita Wurlitzer newsletters, the Wichita Wurlitzer Facebook page, or at www.wichitawurlitzer.org/events.

YOU and WE want weekend dates. During this past August the Century II staff assisted in arranging 5 show dates for the 2019-2020 season and 6 show dates for the 2020-2021 season. Wichita Wurlitzer requested Saturday as 1st choice and Friday as 2nd choice. 1 Saturday and 2 Fridays and 8 Tuesdays are in the 11 dates. Tuesday is the last resort, to have a show date. 2021-2022 dates will be requested later this year after 2019 and Spring 2020 are planned.
Wichita Wurlitzer, Inc.
It was announced at the Safety Last show that Wichita Theatre Organ, Inc. (the non-profit corporation that owns the Wichita Wurlitzer) would be renamed Wichita Wurlitzer, Inc. The paperwork has been submitted and approved by the Kansas Secretary of State and the paperwork was submitted to the IRS to complete the change.
The graphic above comes from a May show comment "Pictures and stories about the Wichita Wurlitzer need to [be] plastered all over town much like is being done with the Wichita Flag."