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If you are not on Facebook, you are opening the door to other agents to start marketing to your clients (in most cases indirectly) and even replacing you as their adviser.

Hopefully, you are either connecting with your clients with your personal page or have a second personal page that you use for professional purposes.  Tie that profile to your business page.  Get started by checking out:

Virtual New Agent School
Miss Post AEP New Agent School at our wonderful home office in Columbia, MO?  Have no fear as we are going virtual Wednesday 1/25 and Thursday 1/26.   Details Here!  

Other Stuff
I didn't make a video this week because I want to make sure everyone checks out the words of wisdom from Kevin McGavick from UHC and how to get started in the dual market.  See the video below...
Interview with Kevin McGavick with UHC
Dual Eligible Plans
Dual Eligible Plans

25 Fitness Facts  
It's January!  Time to hit the gym for a month!  Mental Floss, one of my favorite YouTube channels, reviews and debunks some fitness ideas and concepts!

Watch the video here!
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