June 17, 2021
Embracing Change with New & Evolving Solutions
In this edition of the Buzz, we highlight how Facebook keeps its certified population current with rapidly evolving platforms via a reimagined recertification process, and how Early Learning Indiana is providing personalized, professional development to help close the gap in qualified educators and support staff working in early childhood education. These are just two examples of how programs – and the assessment industry in general – continue to solve problems and adapt to new expectations while maintaining focus on sound assessment practices and solid validity evidence.

I sincerely look forward to seeing how, as an industry, we continue to move forward creating solutions that provide validity evidence to support our assertions and:

  • better mitigate security risks and other threats to validity;
  • better fit the ever-accelerating pace of change and value propositions desired by stakeholder groups, including the engagement expectations of Millennials and Gen-Z; and,
  • better position and apply assessment as a valuable ally in one’s journey as a life-long learner.

Best regards,

Brian Adams
President & CEO of Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc.

SPOTLIGHT: CertMetrics
Facebook's Ingenious Recert Strategy Via CertMetrics Challenges the Status Quo

Facebook is turning heads and inspiring other leading organizations with their recertification strategy.

“...We wanted to challenge the status quo of low, industry-wide recertification rates, remove barriers where possible, and increase recertification rates.”

“...it was essential for us to find creative ways to make the process more beneficial and cost effective for candidates in order to help reduce friction points and incentivize them to keep their certifications current” 

- Vikas Wadhwani, Director of Certification at Facebook
How Early Learning Indiana Supports Training and Workforce Development with Assessments

Early Learning Indiana is successfully identifying knowledge gaps of qualified educators and support staff using mini assessments to personalize training and professional development.

“...it is essential that our participants not only have the foundational knowledge and understanding of child development, health and safety regulations, and the principles of developmentally appropriate pedagogy, but also have the ability to translate that knowledge into enacted behaviors in the classroom..."

- Emily Rouge, Director of Assessment and Evaluation
Early Learning Indiana


Deep Dive into Test Security Webinar: Part II
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ATP Webinar: Increased Automation in Our Industry:
How to Not Get it Wrong
Alpine is facilitating the July webinar in ATP's New World of Testing webinar series on the use of increased automation in our industry. Mark your calendars for July 22nd and check back for more information as it is released!

CLEAR Webinar: Increasing the Accuracy of Licensure Decisions: On the benefits of more, shorter exams
Join Brett Foley, Alpine's Director of Professional Credentialing & Sr. Psychometrician, who will discuss a shift in thinking, moving away from focusing on the accuracy of exam decisions to a focus on the accuracy of licensure decisions. Click one of these two options to register and learn more.


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Other news...
Amanda Wolkowitz, Alpine Senior Psychometrician, interviewed Dennis Spence in his new role as chief research officer at the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) on the importance and
future of research for the credentialing industry.

Read how as assessments move from traditional paper-pencil administration to computer-based administration, many testing programs are incorporating alternative item types (AITs) into assessments. 

Current methods for estimating decision consistency (DC) are computationally complex. Through this research, you will see a computationally and conceptually simple method for estimating DC that is comparable and potentially better than, the widely used Livingston-Lewis method.