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It's hard to believe that the holidays are almost upon us. It's the time when we really want to look our best, but added stress, eating the wrong foods, and lack of sleep can leave the skin looking tired and dull. The following are some tips to help your skin look its' very best this season.
Drink Plenty of Water  Stay hydrated and don't forget to drink water through out the day and before bed.  We might be drinking more alcoholic beverages during the holidays which dehydrate the skin and body.  Drinking extra will help you to feel and look better.
Remove All Make-up Before Bed  An ounce of prevention is worth not having clogged and broken out skin the following day!
Apply a Hydrating Lip Treatment Nightly  Nothing sexier than beautiful full red lips for the holidays and nothing worst than chapped and dried lips.  Apply a hydrating lip treatment in the morning and before bed for lushes, moist lips for your favorite lip shade.
Keep up Your Normal Skin Regiment  Skin does not like changing your routine.  Take the time to continue good skin care during the busy holidays.  Proper cleansing and moisturizing will pay-off during the holidays and long after.
Give Yourself A Masque or Facial  If your schedule won't allow time for a facial, a weekly masque may just be the pick-me-up your skin craves during this busy time.  Pamper yourself and your skin with a masque to refine pores and to give the skin a more youthful appearance.


Regenerative Cream by ecologica
beautifying skin for 30 years
Plump it up!  
Beautiful NEW packaging and 2x's more product!  Fortified with a complex of antioxidants and free radical scavengers, Vitamin A, D & E, RNA and DNA and even more Hyaluronic Acid in a unique seaweed gel base to stimulate collagen production and reduce wrinkles.

Because the base is so close to our body's matrix, perfect assimilation and absorption of these rich botanical ingredients are achieved leaving the skin dewy soft and smooth    
Regenerative Cream  
Balance Curative Formula by ecologica  
A deep nourishing formula that conditions skin tissue and improves skin's appearance.
  • 100% ORGANIC OILS                       
  • NOURISHES DRY SKIN          
A beautiful blend of organic (and when ever possible wild) essential oils.  Rosemary, rosewood, geranium, lavender are just some of the essential oils which are formulated to refine and re-elasticize skin texture. A penetrating formula that nourishes and improves the condition of mature skin tissues.  May be used on damp skin or mixed with a moisturizer. for a boosted effect.  Balance Curative Formula 4oz.  
Soapless Cleanser Now with Lavender!  
  • Gently cleanses & removes impurities from the skin
  • Restores Balance to the skin
  • Contains antibacterial White Oak Bark for truly clean skin .
  • Now with the fresh scent of 100% pure soothing Lavender 
  • No chemicals...soap free!
Just when you thought that the Soapless Cleanser couldn't be better....The finest Bulgarian Lavender has been added to the white Oak Bark to make this one of the best facial washes on the market. (Available for sale 11/21/17)  
Two Great Cosmetic Tools

LipToxyl Plumper                               
BACK IN STOCK!  This is an absolute MUST HAVE product for beautiful full lips. No annoying and uncomfortable tingling, which is found in similar lip plumping products.  LipToxyl feels cool & moist on the lips.  It is fabulous over your favorite lipstick or as a gloss by itself.    
 BROW INK                                               

GREAT BROWS with this super long wearing and color rich formula. It provides uniform and effortless application plus shapes coarse strays and dries to a water resistant finish. Film forming polymer system imparts lasting adhesion without flaking or smudging. Brows are defined instantly. Brow Ink

Color Wow Root Cover Up is a unique, modern mineral powder with an oil-based, non-waxy formula that binds to hair so it stays in place. Once it adheres to hair, the water-resistant formula does not come out until you shampoo, so it can withstand getting caught in the rain, perspiration and even swimming. Each shade is packed with pigments and reflective particles to ensure seamless blending with the tones in your hair and dimensional shine.  Pick your shade 
  • Apply to dry hair
  • Fast, easy, no mess application
  • Never sticky, stiff or dull
  • Water-resistant formula
  • Free of waxes and dyes
  • Hair looks and feels natural
A gift certificate is a wonderful way to introduce natural skin care to a friend or family member.  Certificates available in many different denominations.   
November 2017

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