May 2020 Edition
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ULTRA TEC continues to operate during the pandemic. We are shipping ALL products! We are designated an Essential Business and, as such, we continue to have manufacturing personnel at the Factory -- using the necessary social-distancing and safety protocols.

Unfortunately it is not possible to have visitors at the factory at this time.

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ULTRA TECs around the World
Cutting Sphalerite in Germany
Mazul Arek started faceting in G’Dansk, in Poland, a city on the Baltic Sea.  That area is well known for its Amber – and faceting attention is focused on cutting and polishing Amber – not easy – very soft.  

Mazul became a professional faceter – and sold his work around the world.  Expanding his horizons, over 20 years ago, Mazul and his family moved to Germany, where he upgraded to using ULTRA TEC equipment (a V2).  

There, he was able to get Spanish-sourced Sphalerite (Sphalerite is a fiery gemstone – with three times the dispersion of Diamond!) and Mazul’s faceting takes advantage of that as he produces extraordinary cut stones.
Introducing a New Rep!
Ryan Joseph Anderson in Graeagle CA 
Ryan's passion for rocks and minerals began at the young age of seven. Some of his parents friends were geologists who wandered around the Nevada desert exploring mineral deposits for major gold corporations, and would bring him home colorful treasures from their adventures. He wasn't aware at the time, but this would set the stage for a bright and colorful future in the gemstone and mineral industry. Sports and athletics consumed his teenage years, and for a time, rocks and minerals were all but forgotten.

It wasn't until 2007 that Ryan's friend Sarah, who was a geology major at UNR, had heard about a mountain north of Reno where there were amethyst crystals. She took him and a group of friends into the desert one day with the determination to find the elusive purple treasures. After a day of hiking, they stumbled across a large mine dump. Ryan dug around in the dirt for hours, and as soon as he found his first crystal, he was reinvigorated in his childhood passion, and his life would be changed forever. 
Ryan went on to spend every free moment he could over the next 10 years on the mountain digging, searching for beautiful purple crystals. In 2017 he shifted his focus in life from being an internationally acclaimed touring musician to the lapidary arts, and immediately started making an impact in the world of fantasy cut gemstones. In his first six months of cutting stones, Ryan received the highest honor in the colored stone industry, an AGTA Spectrum award for his design titled "Efflorescence", cut in an 89 carat piece of Rwandan Amethyst. Since then, he has been innovating newer and more intricate designs, and has quickly made a name for himself in the high end jewelry world, collaborating with some of the most talented jewelers in America.

Today, Ryan is 36 years old, and is moving forward with a hand in some of American's most prolific gemstone and mineral specimen mining operations. His roles as a co-owner of Sun Summit Sunstone Mine, and the world famous amethyst scepter locality known as Hallelujah Junction, are just the beginning in a lifelong journey of finding treasures beyond the wildest imagination.

Ryan's Instagram -- click here

Introducing a new Rep!
David Smith in Tucson, AZ
In the midst of grim times – if you are looking for a happy voice and an abundance of enthusiasm – get in touch with David Smith.

Relatively new to ULTRA TEC faceting, David writes :  “I fell in love with rocks when I was a young boy. And, for the last 25 years I “played” with them - I shaped and polished them – cabbing. I even tried faceting by hand. As you might imagine, I quickly learned that for faceting I needed a machine. 

So, I moved on to real faceting. at the Old Pueblo Lapidary Club, in Tucson, It was addicting!  I researched which machine might be the best to own - and In that process I learned that ULTRA TEC was the only choice worth considering, Needless to say I’m now delighted to be on the ULTRA TEC team.”

When you’re in Tucson, visit Faceter’s Paradise at 355 E Ft. Lowell Rd.
T: 529 907 5527”.

ULTRA TECs around the World
Faceting Aquamarines in the UK
Mark Nuell was kind enough to let us feature his video on faceting aquamarines . Mark is certainly ‘multifaceted’ - being also a highly skilled goldsmith - as shown in the video at his workshop in London.

More details of Mark's work at

ULTRA TECs around the World
Faceting Tourmalines in Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, it’s Tourmaline that’s king. Professional gem cutter, Lin Xinguang, explains that he mainly cuts tourmalines, as his personal preference, and his cut stones are indeed extraordinary – super polish – perfect meets. Lin explains that he loves his V5, valuing the precision it brings to the task.
VL Classic Faceting Machine
The New Member of the Faceting Team!
ULTRA TEC is proud to offer the VL Classic Faceting Machine.

VL incorporates both brand new and classic features and is sturdy and responsive. VL is designed for both new and experienced cutters -who may well appreciate VL’s quality build and ease-of-use.

A special introductory offer means that full VL machine packages start from only US $3,495.

Rapidly becoming a ‘new classic’, VL is available with the Analog Angle Dial and Dial Indicator Readout (Standard), or upgraded with the Digital Angle Display (DAD), which replaces the Analog Angle Dial & Dial Indicator.
Review of the VL Classic

Mark Oros of Hashnu Stones & Gems was kind enough to take time and review his new VL Classic Faceting Machine. Please click for the document .

in Rock & Gem Magazine

Still Available!
The "Tools of The Trade"

The February 2020 issue of Rock & Gem Magazine featured a section on ULTRA TEC users and their experiences with our equipment.

Thanks to John Dyer, Mark Oros, Robert Lyttle, and Scott Sucher for sharing your words of wisdom!

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