April 3, 2020
Dear Superintendents and Charter School Leaders,

I wanted to share the two resources I referenced on my calls with you today.

New Guidance on Wearing Face Coverings in Public 
With the new order from the County of San Diego Public Health Officer regarding the wearing of facial coverings, SDCOE recommends districts and charters require employees involved in food service to wear a cloth face covering in compliance with the order. Given the shortages of masks and other coverings, you and your employees may need to be creative. Because the County Public Health Officer also strongly
recommends that everyone wear a face covering when they have business outside their homes, we
also recommend that districts and charters require all employees to wear face coverings when working anywhere other than in their homes. 

To the extent that you have facilities still open to the public (non-employees), we recommend you
follow the county's instructions regarding the social distancing and sanitation protocol. In settings where
posting the protocol isn’t practical, such as an outdoor feeding site, having the protocol available for
public inspection is recommended.

View the County of San Diego's instructions and SDCOE's full recommendations here.

SDCOE Print Shop Support for Distance Learning
In addition to printing school district or charter-specific curriculum (digital curriculum or open educational resources), the SDCOE Graphics team can produce a wide range of physical learning materials, such as:
• Learning packets
• Flash cards
• ABC/coloring books for younger kids
• Math quiz sheets
• Blue book type journals

We also are producing signage for SDCOE that can be customized for other sites, such as signage for restrooms, hand washing, and tips for staying healthy (guidelines on social distancing, staying home if you have a fever, etc.). These signs are currently designed as posters, sticker stock, and A-frames. 

We have multiple delivery and pickup options. This includes bulk deliveries or even mailing directly to individual households.
We are staggering production days in the shop with no more than two people in the production area at a time, and most days it is just one person. The shop is sanitized before and after each use to make sure we are working in a clean environment, and that shipping products are also clean.

The SDCOE print shop charges on a cost-recovery model, meaning that pricing is far less expensive than external vendors, and also less expensive than running print jobs on individual copy/multi-function machines at school/district sites. We can produce custom orders as well as quickly print high volumes. We provide free quotes and delivery estimates on all types of projects (delivery charges may vary).

For more on SDCOE's graphic production capabilities, please contact Candida Bothel-Hammond at chammond@sdcoe.net.

Please know that the entire SDCOE team is here to support you in your efforts to serve children during these uncertain times. Let us know if you have additional needs.


Dr. Paul Gothold
San Diego County Superintendent of Schools
phone: 858-292-3514