Quarantine 2020 
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It's been nearly two months of shelter-at-home with ZOOM meetings that highlight the lack of highlights and the prevalence of gray roots. It's  been almost sixty days of trying not to point to anything with un-manicured nails while on FaceTime or Skype. And it's been almost an entire Spring season without lash and hair extensions, and with unwanted facial movements that are rapidly returning, and faces, lips and cheeks that are slowly deflating. 

It's no wonder that patients have been desperately begging for fillers, neurotoxins, peels, lasers, microneedling and just about anything to lift their spirits and faces! We want to assure you that we hear your pleas and are making arrangements to help you as soon and as safely as is possible. 

Currently, our office is still mandated to remain closed. And once restrictions are relaxed, we've heard that  doctors and patients  will be strongly encouraged to wear masks  during the duration of the visits, making it almost impossible to safely received desired treatments!

But, there's always a silver lining! What if we told you that you could receive customized facial rejuvenation treatments at home, right now during the quarantine (and after restrictions are relaxed), to allow  you to look refreshed and renewed all within the safety of your own home? You can and you can save time and money, too!

Please share your thoughts in this 3 minute survey  and you may be one of the very first to receive one of these desirable, at-home facial rejuvenation treatments!   ( Click on the hyperlink above or scan the QR code below to start the survey!)

Dr. Yagoda can help you look naturally refreshed. With her exceptional aesthetic eye for detail, she is  the one other doctors choose when they want the very best.  C all us at 212.434.1210 or email us at info@DrYagoda.com to schedule your experience.  


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