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Why should you transition from winter to summer skincare if you live in a seasonal climate?

That's simple - if you're not wearing a winter coat, why should your skin? Summer skincare should be like summer clothing - lighter.

Warmer weather also brings its share of skincare challenges and questions like, "Do I have to use moisturizer even when it's super hot outside, and my face feels oily?" (The answer is YES).

1) Cleanse and Exfoliate: Dead skin cells don't release easily from hot, sticky skin, so you need to exfoliate more often. Cleansers or masks with gentle, non-manual exfoliants (acids and enzymes) are ideal for frequent use in warm weather.

What to add to your routine: Osmosis Purify Enzyme Cleanser and Polish Cranberry Enzyme Mask

2) Layering Effect: Vitamin C is the key to preventing hyper-pigmentation (caused by UV exposure), so it's especially important to layer a Vitamin C serum between cleansing and moisturizing in the summer months.

In the hotter summer months, we perspire more, so the moisture (water) reserve in our skin evaporates faster. Switch to a more hydrating, lightweight daytime moisturizer to boost your skin's water reserve. It should also contain non-occlusive oils and butters (like shea) to fortify skin barrier function, which slows down water evaporation.

What to add to your routine: Osmosis DNA Repair Catalyst AC-11 Serum and Quench Nourishing Moisturizer

3) SPF is your BFF: Even though the sun is furthest from the northern hemisphere in July, we're spending more time outdoors, wearing less clothing. To prevent sun damage, you need to wear a Broad Spectrum SPF whenever exposed to UV radiation, even on cloudy days. You might not see the sun, but it sees you - right through those clouds!

What to add to your routine: Osmosis Protect SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

There is another great way to deep exfoliate your skin in the summer--it is Dermaplane! Dermaplaning/Jelly Mask combo couples for an incredibly smooth and hydrated skin that makeup will glide on effortlessly!

Visit our Face Care page for a full list of all our facial services.

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Summer Extension Hair Care
Summer is here, which means trips to the beach, sitting out by the pool, and getting some sun. Amidst all the summertime fun, it’s important to remember to take care of your extensions. To help you keep your extensions looking amazing all summer long, Elle Salon is sharing our summer extension care guide! Read below for some tips and tricks for mastering summer extension care.
Summer Extension Care Guide

Brush Out Your Hair Every Day
Brushing your hair extensions every day during the summer will help keep them from getting tangled and knotted. There are special brushes designed for hair extensions that can prevent your extensions from getting caught in the brush (ask your extension specialist). Starting at the nape area, hold the base of the weft with one hand, slowly and carefully brush out tangles and moving your way up towards the crown of your head holding on to each row of wefts as you go.

Ditch the Hot Tools This Summer
It’s perfectly fine to dry your hair on a low setting using a hairdryer after getting your extensions wet, but other than that, avoid using heat styling tools if you can. Straightening and curling irons can damage your natural hair and extensions, which are already prone to damage from the sun and chlorinated or salt water. Let your summer hair fly free as often as you can! Try out some styles that don’t require heat, such as braids and buns. Sleeping with your hair in loose braids (not too tight, as this can damage your extensions) will create a natural, wavy style that doesn’t require any heated tools. If you do need to use heat styling tools, remember to apply a heat-protectant product, such as Heated Defense Spray by Kevin Murphy, to protect your hair from heat damage.

So, if you want a naturally beachy hairstyle, try using a curl-enhancing product like the Curl Defining Cream from Moroccanoil that defines and hydrates.

Keep Your Extensions Far from Sunscreen and Chlorine
Contact with oils from lotion and sunscreen can cause discoloration. Avobenzine is an oil soluble ingredient found in some sunscreens. Avobenzine creates a chemical reaction with the extensions and turns them a peachy-pink color...but not in a cute way!

Be very careful swimming in chlorinated pools, as the chemical is known to turn extensions pink and discolor your hair, especially if you have blonde or very light extensions. You can avoid tangles when you go swimming by putting your hair into a bun or braid to keep the hair together.
Sleeping With Hair Extensions
Never go to bed with wet hair! Braid hair to keep it from rubbing and tangling. Using a satin pillowcase is a bonus!

Enjoy your summer and your hair!
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Summer Nails Spotlight!
👈 Check out our Summer Nail Color video --- we've spotlighted some very pretty summer color designs by our skilled nail techs!

We want to give you choices at Elle Salon! Choose from two great Summer Mani/Pedis:
FHF Walking on Sunshine and FHF Chasing the Gleam
BEST ENJOYED: Beach bumming around
THE MOOD: Mind and body: crystal cleared
EXPERIENCE: Feet haven’t seen the light of day all summer? Well, let’s get glowing! Legs and feet are immersed into a rich, creamy whole and coconut milk soak before being cleansed and gently scrubbed to perfection with a whipped sugar, apricot powder, coconut water and shea butter micro-polish. A custom-blended application of Sweet Cream Body Milk + Clementine Sparkling Soak nourishes legs and feet into glowy perfection. You might just skip a little on your way out!
BEST ENJOYED: Hands and soles shining!
THE MOOD: Skin sippin’ on spring!
EXPERIENCE: A soothing soak with coconut milk and chicory root greet tired hands and soles! Next, a certified organic scrub gently exfoliates with micro sugar crystals, so a vitamin C-rich mask, called Mighty Brighty™, really works its magic! This masking blend is made with bentonite & kaolin clays, so skin is not only illuminated, but purified too! Finally, seal in the glow with a creamy organic cucumber extract shea butter—made to replenish skin with vitamin C!
Don't forget to purchase Norvell's Venetian mousse and their Blending Mitt to revive your tan as it fades. The mitt is so soft and helps spread the mousse evenly, without leaving color on your hands!
Try Airbrush Tanning for a SAFE Summer Glow!
Sunless tanning is a safe, uv-free spray tan that gives you a beautiful glow and long lasting color! There are no streaks, orange palms, or dirty looking knees and elbows. This service is a personal treatment (not done by a booth!) that's tailored to your individual needs. Need to tan quickly for a last minute event? We offer 3-4 hour curing time tanning, along with our regular 8-hour curing tan.

Get an air-brush tan and look like you've been on a mini-vacay -- without the sun damage! Each tanning application will give you that sun-kissed glow for about 7-10 days.

Purchase an Air-brush Tan Package, save money, and have a SAFE tan all summer! Click here for information on tan packages.
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