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January 2018   
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CMMS Is a Must for Your Business
by Brandon Jones

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, better known as CMMS software, isn't simply something you should have - it's a paramount part of your business and how you should expect it to operate. With premier CMMS software at the helm, you'll be able to specify your needs and find the perfect work order software for you.

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Proper training is a must for successful implementation and maximum ROI 
FaciliWorks Training Image
FaciliWorks Regional Training
A two-day, hands-on regional training class delves into planning, preparation, setup and successful operation of FaciliWorks. Learn how to save time, avoid mistakes and get the most out of your software. Click the link below for class details.

FaciliWorks 8i - February 8-9, 2018 - Phoenix, AZ
Can't get out of the office for a regional class? Contact us about other training options.
FaciliWorks 8i Mobile is FREE 
with 8i Enterprise!
FaciliWorks 8i Mobile

FaciliWorks 8i Mobile CMMS provides an extra layer of flexibility by allowing technicians to enter  information about PMs, work orders and meter readings on smartphones and tablets as the work is being performed, eliminating redundancy and minimizing errors.
  • Runs on any Web browser and any mobile device (smartphone/tablet)
  • Access, edit and close work orders and even create them on the fly 
  • Access, edit and close PMs 
  • Update meter readings from the asset location
  • Barcode scanning capability
  • Talk-to-text capability 
  • FaciliWorks 8i's security, regulatory compliance and asset grouping extend to 8i Mobile
For more information about 8i Mobile, please click here and contact us today to upgrade!
Did You Know?
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FaciliWorks 8i Tech Tip
Asset Locations

It's imperative to always enter each asset's location information within the Data Administration -> Assets -> Information tab of FaciliWorks 8i. The Current Location field will either display the asset's storage location or if the asset is currently issued out to a staff member, it will display that person's Staff ID.

Asset Location
When a preventative maintenance event is created in FaciliWorks 8i, the PM draws data from the asset record. So, when a technician accesses FaciliWorks 8i Mobile and pulls up the PM event, it will include the asset's current location information, ensuring that the technician is working on the correct asset.
Asset Location in PM
We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities of your FaciliWorks software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.     
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