Learn skills to design and lead productive meetings in this unique online training.

Facilitating Effective Meetings
September 10 & 11, 2020
Thursday & Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Are you tired of leading or attending unproductive or dysfunctional meetings?   Do you find meetings in the current remote work environment especially challenging?

This two-day online training is valuable for anyone who runs or attends meetings in government agencies, businesses, schools, non-profits, civic groups, faith communities or other organizations.

This highly-interactive training, utilizing Zoom video conferencing technology, will provide participants with a foundation in the concepts, processes, and skills for designing and facilitating meetings, including meetings in a virtual environment.

You will learn how to design and facilitate meetings that: 1) share information, 2) generate new thinking on an issue, 3) evaluate problems and options, and 4) make clear decisions. You will receive a comprehensive 'How to...' reference guide and  information on how to design and run meetings that achieve these four goals, how to manage the logistics of a meeting, and how to manage difficult behaviors. There will also be ample opportunity in the course to practice these skills.
Cost: $300

Continuing Education Credits
Washington State Educators - 16 clock hours

"I came away from this training believing that I can be an 
effective facilitator with lots of new tools to choose from."
-Former training participant

For more information  e-mail  jmiller@mediatethurston.org
or call (360) 956-1155

Technical requirements to participate fully in this and other DRC online trainings and events include:
- Camera and audio on your desktop or laptop computer
- Consistent and predictable internet access and bandwidth
- Access and ability to use Zoom video conferencing  
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