Due to the extensive flooding, the majority of our bouldering will be closed until further notice.
During the rains brought by Hurricane Ida, like many others, the gym sustained heavy flooding by the rear entrance near the bouldering section. We have been working diligently since then to salvage our mats and make it so that we can still have some bouldering available.

With that, we are able to keep the ‘new room’ (the bouldering room in the back with the hangboards and campus boards) open and available for bouldering and training. We even set a few new climbs for you! You will notice that we put a tarp up closing the inaccessible areas and have labeled climbs that are unsafe to climb as “do not climb”. Please refrain from climbing them until further notice. 
In the past, we have been able to dry the mats out more quickly, get them back in place, and bring the gym back to normal operations.
In the past year, we had the latest and most advanced mats installed in the gym from Flashed Climbing. This created one big unified piece of foam that leaves no gaps and no more drag pads to move around. These mats not only provided a more comfortable climbing experience, but a much safer one as well. Along with this latest in mat technology came a more advanced protocol for installation.
Due to these new procedures, Flashed Climbing will be coming to the gym on September 14th to professionally reinstall the mats. This process will take a few days and we are hoping to open bouldering by Saturday, September 18th. Please bare in mind that this is a tentative date and that it may take longer to do this the right way.
We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. Rest assured, we are working as quickly as we can to get the gym back to 100%.
-Your TRC Fam
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