May 2018
Nothing is more inevitable than change. And it is often the specter of change that can send us scurrying for the safety of that which is familiar; clinging fearfully or insistently, as though change would most certainly be worse than this known thing…or scampering, frantically searching for the new answer, any new answer. Is this familiar to you?
Eight months ago, I learned that, after 24 years in the same spot, I would have to move my office. My cozy, familiar building had sold and the new owners would be tearing everything down to start something new. I was not looking for this particular challenge at this particular time! Finding new space seemed daunting. How would I find something that felt right? That was nearby? That was affordable?
As I began my search, certain things fell into place and a possibility presented itself. I would be sharing space with colleagues I respect. It looked like the “perfect” solution and yet I felt myself recoiling from every aspect of this new possibility. Amidst a strong sense of urgency to say yes and have the uncertainty be settled, I found myself dragging feet. To move forward felt like “pushing the river”.

I envision the act of trusting as feeling the flow of a river or stream. I know how smoothly things go when I allow myself to flow along with the direction of the current and I also know precisely what it feels like to swim against the current...what a struggle that is. I call that "pushing the river". 
The new office-sharing possibility had felt smooth at first, but each detail felt more and more like a struggle. In quiet reflection, the truth was clear to me: this was not the right solution for me at this time. In my life, when I notice that things aren't going smoothly, not falling into place, instead of pushing the river, I ask myself to lay back into things and float...with the current...and trust it's direction. And so, I honored myself and the loving Universe that I trust and I waited.

Another word for trusting can be surrender. I surrender to the current instead of fighting it. My challenge is to keep actively visualizing what I want to manifest in my world while at the same time being willing to let the current move me. Empowerment and first blush they seem to be opposites but they are actually complementary like yin and yang. As time passed, I had to soothe my anxious self and then remind myself that trust is not just an idea but also sometimes a verb…an action-word: wait…and trust, while visualizing a beautiful solution.
This February, I opened my new office space and welcomed my fist clients in. The space I found was an ideal set up: nearby, affordable, comfortably similar, and all along the way, the current gently buoyed me. The Universe asked me to accept change, challenged me to discern what I needed and visualize it, and then provided a perfect version of exactly that. My work was to open to the call for change, get clear about what I needed, and notice the movement of the current as it supported me so that I didn’t flail my way upstream.

If you are facing change and struggling against the current…or struggling to feel the current at all, know that I am available to help.  Come spend some time with me in my new space and let’s envision together whatever changes you are being called to accept.
New office address:
   Las Palomas Bldg
  4256 N Brown suite B
  Scottsdale, AZ 85251
  (Just a block away from the old office)
And if you’d like to explore change, and your own life from a new perspective, consider coming to Casa Caballo for a session or two with the horses. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy can be a powerful step toward facing your changing life. The temperatures are rising but the horses will continue to be available for sessions on most Thursdays and Fridays.

Be well,
Tips to Use

Stop, breathe, and notice the change that is insistently intruding

Look squarely at the details of this change. If you feel the urge to turn away, 

lovingly encourage self to stay present

Begin to visualize how the change might look, how it might manifest

Allow yourself to grieve what must be left behind

Flow with the river’s current toward a version of this change that

you can begin to accept

Get lots of rest…change can be exhausting!
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las palomas bldg 
4256 n brown suite b 
scottsdale 85251
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