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Paul Cholak - Principal
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November 2017 - In This Issue:

We Offer:
  • Life Insurance
  • Pre-Need Funeral Planning Arrangements
  • Final Expense Insurance
  • Life Insurance for Diabetics and Other Hard-to-Insure Individuals
  • Annuities
  • Individual and Family Health Insurance (Affordable Care Act)
  • Health Plans for Medicare Beneficiaries
  • Dental and Vision Care Coverage
  • Supplemental Health Insurance
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  • Prepaid Legal and Identity Theft Plans
About our Principal,
Paul Cholak

Paul holds resident (Florida) and non-resident life, health and annuity licenses in 31 other states. He also has a Pre-Need Sales Agent License in Florida. He offers all types of life insurance and most types of annuities with many different carriers. He also offers short- and long-term disability insurance; long-term care insurance; a long-term care discount program; and, where available, short term (recovery care) insurance.

He represents many different life and final expense carriers and operates the Diabetic Life Insurance Center, which offers life insurance to diabetics and other hard-to-insure individuals. 

He has many years of insurance experience and has been Director of Employee Benefits for large companies, as well as a benefits consultant with major consulting firms.

He's available 24/7 and  stays in touch with his customers before and after they've made their insurance purchase.  He's always available to help customers who have any questions about their policies.

He's a recipient of the prestigious Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award and been listed in Who's Who in America, Who's Who Registry of Business Leaders and Who's Who in Finance and Industry. 

He's a member of Phi Beta Kappa and other national honorary societies and organizations such as Omicron Delta Kappa. He's a graduate of certificate programs from a number of prestigious institutions, been invited to speak at corporate  and university training programs, been featured in articles in national books and magazines, and is also a published author.  

Facing The Unexpected
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Jamey and Robyn Koonsman met in college and realized they shared a love of the land and the animals that populated the ranches they grew up around. Once married, they shared their passion with their daughters, Hope and Jordyn. The family spent their free time attending stock shows and rodeos. Hope loved nothing more than showing steers and truly owned the ring when she was in it, and Jordyn took a shine to rodeo riding.

While it's nothing a family should ever have to suffer, Hope died unexpectedly when she was just 19, the result of a birth defect the family thought was long in the past. It proved fortunate that the couple had done life insurance planning early on with their insurance professional Paul Miller. Not only had they bought a combination of permanent and term life insurance for themselves, they had purchased permanent life insurance for both girls. Their plan was to gift the policies to the girls once grown. Instead, they used Hope's policy to pay medical bills and to start a foundation in her honor.

Layered on this tragedy was Robyn's ongoing fight with breast cancer. She had been battling the disease over the course of eight years. Then, less than two years after Hope died, Robyn lost that battle at age 37. In the wake of her death, life insurance did what it was meant to: pay for medical bills and final expenses, and allow Jamey and Jordyn to continue living in their home without financial concerns. Jordyn has also been able to pursue her rodeo riding, which has sustained her through these tragedies.

Jamey says that when they originally got life insurance in their 20s, they never expected to use it. So his message to others is simple: "You're never too young to get life insurance, because you never know what will happen. Make sure you take care of your family, so if something does happen, they won't struggle."

Annuity Basics

Here's a set of questions and answers about annuities that appeared in a recent issue of CNN Money.and this is the first article we've ever published about annuities in this newsletter.  Please call us at 877-734-3884 if you have any questions and/or would like help in purchasing an annuity.


We Thought We Had A Lifetime
Kiristen says that her mom, M'Linda, is her role model: a strong independent woman who always wants the best for her children. That hasn't been easy, though. Kiristen's dad, Kenneth, died in a boating accident when she was just 4. On that fateful day, this young family's world was turned upside down.

"My two parent, two income household was no more," says Kiristen. "In the blink of an eye, my brothers, sisters and I were fatherless and being raised by a grieving single mother with a modest income." While M'Linda and Kenneth had talked about getting life insurance, they never followed through. As M'Linda says, "We thought we had a lifetime to do that."

It didn't take long for the financial hardship to reach their day-to-day life. They found themselves forced to move homes when they could no longer afford the rent. And Kiristen remembers many dinners consisting of hot dogs, as it was what they could afford some weeks.

Over the years, Kiristen has studied hard and is excited to go to college with the hopes of becoming a doctor. Given that the family has lived paycheck to paycheck, it has been hard to save for college, so after-school jobs and financial aid will help Kiristen on her path. "While something devastating happened, it's not going to stop me from achieving my dreams," she says.

As she has gotten older and her mom has shared more about the financial struggles they faced, Kiristen now understands that "life insurance would have given my family stability. It not only gives you peace of mind, it provides for your loved ones after you are gone." M'Linda echoes that sentiment with this advice to other young families: "Don't wait to get life insurance. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed."
Paul Cholak