January 2019
A Note from our Executive Director

Dear friend,

It’s hard to believe that I have been at Isla Vista one whole year! . So much has happened in such a short time.I think I’m most proud of the ways we have grown and changed to meet the emerging needs of the families in the Goleta Valley. In response to working parents urgent need for childcare, we opened a new infant classroom last May. In order to better serve the many families seeking support throughout the Goleta Valley, we moved our Family Resource Center to Old Town Goleta. In fact, I’d like to invite you to join me at an Open House for our FRC. (See the article below.)

Each week I write to our Board and staff to share my thoughts about what I am learning, to ensure that everyone knows what is going on across the agency, and to reflect on what is happening in the world around us.  

Here are some excerpts of my letters over the past year and what I have learned:

I have learned that our children are resilient.
Feb. 25, 2018 (there had recently been a mass shooting) “Our preschool students practiced an intruder drill this morning. Honestly, it made me want to cry. The kids were great and seemed unfazed. Of course, we need to have safety drills - I just wish this one weren't part of our collective consciousness.”
I have learned that our parents are generous and welcoming.

June 8, 2018 – “My favorite part of the week was joining Ana Maya’s co-parenting final class celebration. Five couples participated in this class and it was so great to meet them, to see Ana in action (she is such a gifted leader and educator) and to eat with the families. They had a pot luck and the food was amazing!”

I have learned that our staff is incredibly dedicated and passionate.

June 21, 2018 (To staff) “My heart aches for the children who are experiencing toxic stress – the fear of immigration, the fear of being separated from parents – and no caring, trusted adult who can help them buffer their feelings. This is causing damage that will affect the health of these children for their entire lives. I imagine that you are just as upset, angry and heartbroken as I am. I want to thank you for your work every day buffering the children and families in our community. I doesn’t surprise me that many of you have experienced real behavior challenges in your classrooms this week. Children are feeling the stress that we all feel, and they express it by acting out. Our job is to provide a sense of safety and comfort for the families we serve in the FRC and all the children we serve in our summer program and in our children’s center. Our community is surviving because of you.”

Over the last year I have learned this and so much more. Now I look forward to 2019 as another year of learning from challenges, celebrating achievements, and building community. I so appreciate your support, your donations and your kind words as we move forward together.
I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019!

Lori Goodman
Executive Director
Family Resource Center Open House

Come join us on February 28th to celebrate the grand opening of the new location of our Family Resource Center.

Doors open 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Short program @ 5:45pm.

Family Resource Center (NEW)
5638 Hollister Ave Suite 200
Goleta, CA 93117

There will be light refreshments, drinks, and lots of opportunities to learn about the amazing work of our FRC.

To RSVP please contact Liz Hahn

Staff Spotlight - Juan Pimentel

" I am passionate about serving families in our community and excited to continue IVYP’s mission to strengthen our community through diverse educational, recreational and social programs for children and families.My passion is working directly with children and families and creating high quality programs that provide the resources they need to succeed. "

Read more here

After School Program Offers Music Enrichment for Students

Through a partnership with Isla Vista Music Teachers (IVMT) our After Schools program now offers music lessons to our students free of charge! There are over 30 tea chers available to work one on one with students to teach a variety of instruments including violin, ukulele, saxophone, guitar, bass, and vocal lessons. Children who learn a musical instrument not only learn a skill but increase reading comprehension, memory, and even improve math skills. 

To see more pictures of these musicians in action visit our Instagram page here

Harvest of the month

Each month we share a healthy, easy and affordable recipe to try that highlights ingredients you can get at our monthly food distribution on the first Thursday of every month. This month we are highlighting butternut squash. You may have heard of zoodles but what about boodles? This delicious and seasonal recipe replaces traditional pasta with squash for a healthier twist on the classic !

Read the full recipe here!
Get Involved with IVYP
Spend time in the classroom. Our Children's Center, infant care, and after school elementary programs all love to have volunteers come to spend time with the children.
To learn more call Liz at
Help feed our community by volunteering at our monthly food distribution. Next opportunity to help is Thursday, February
To learn more call Ana at
Ready to roll up your sleeves? Our sites are always in need of helping hands! We have projects ranging from painting, to yard clean up.
To learn more call Juan at
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