As a new season is soon upon us, uncertainties abound!
Are our kids & grand kids safe at school?
How are the teachers and parents going to juggle it all?
When will we be able to worship again in our churches?
What will we do when we can't spend our days outside?
How will our families celebrate Christmas this year?
Will our country ever be united with one purpose again?
Will justice for all ever be a reality?
What is the best way to help?
Will we ever be able to invite our friends over for dinner?
How can we stay connected as time goes on?

Perhaps something on this list will be helpful to you
as you strive stay calm in the midst the storm ...
  • Give thanks for what you DO have ... a home, a family, covid friends, & food at the table
  • Surprise someone who lives alone with a meal
  • Spend time soaking in the beauty of creation
  • Connect with a friend you haven't heard from in awhile
  • Make a new friend
  • Dig in the dirt ... pull some weeds
  • Marvel at the abundant harvest
  • Take advantage of more free time ... enjoy it!
  • Take a short road trip
  • Plan a retreat in nature with your family
  • Lean on God's promises more than ever
  • Imagine a better outcome instead of imagining the worst
  • Trust ... even though you don't understand
  • Think & pray God's will instead of MY will be done

May our letting go prayers in the days ahead bring us peace.
Stay safe & stay calm.
Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!
Marva, Ann-Marie, and Paula