Presentations and Panels
Sophie Rondeau
Sophie Rondeau (Technical Services Librarian, pictured above) gave a presentation at the 2017 Digital Humanities Summer Institute Colloquium at the University of Victoria entitled, "Digitization in the classroom: teaching undergraduates the art of digitizing history."
Taryn Myers ( Batten Associate Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Psychology
Department) presented a poster at the American Psychological Association Convention in Washington D.C. entitled "Who is more feminist? Examining feminist beliefs in racially diverse female & male college students." She also received an APA Early Career Achievement Award.
Taryn Myers presented a poster co-authored with Old Dominion University Assistant Professor of Psychology Kristin Heron "Who is more feminist? Examining feminist beliefs in racially diverse female & male college students" at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C.
Sara Sewell (Executive Director of The Lighthouse: Center for Exploration & Discovery and the Quality Enhancement Plan and Professor of History) established an Effective Process to Develop a Quality Enhancement Plan. She presented at the Institute on Quality Enhancement and Accreditation Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, Austin.
Mort Gamble ( Senior Vice President for Advancement) made a presentation on the history of the American circus at Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay titled "Beyond 'Water for Elephants': The Real American Circus."
Jeff Toussaint (Assistant Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice)  presented a paper titled "Racial Identity and Trust in People among Blacks and Whites" at the Southern Sociological Society meetings.
September 2017
Bryson M ortensen (Assistant Professor of Music, Co-Chair of the Music Department and Director of Choral Music) was selected as a Wiley Scholar for the POGIL (Process Oriented-Guided Inquiry Learning) National Conference for Advanced POGIL Practitioners. As part of the conference, Mortensen presented a model Music POGIL Activity, presented in a poster-session on using POGIL in non-STEM categories, and hosted a round-table discussion on the same topic.  
Alongside Purim Parodies and Luther, Laughter and the Jews, Terry Lindvall
(C.S. Lewis Endowed Chair in Communication and Christian Thought and  Professor of Communication) presented "Je ne sais quoi?: les fous saints" at the International Conference on Humor in Montreal, teasing out the comedy in the Christian tradition.
Elizabeth Malcolm, Professor of Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, presented a poster titled "Total Mercury Concentrations in Multiple Tissue Types from Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) Stranded Along the Atlantic Coast of Virginia, USA" at the 13th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant. This research project included four Virginia Wesleyan student co-authors and a collaboration with the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. 
Gabriela Martorell (Associate Professor of Psychology) traveled to Tegucigalpa, Honduras as an invited speaker to present at the Central American Technological University, Catholic University of Honduras and the National Autonomous University of Honduras. She also presented papers at the 2017 Cogreso Nacional de Psicologia titled "Research-Based Cognitive Interventions in Young Children" and "The Influence of Exercise on Psychological Health and Well-Being in Older Adults."

In Print
Sara Sewell's co-authored monograph Ruptures in the Everyday: Views of Modern Germany from the Ground (right) was published by Berghahn Books in June 2017. The book was authored by a group of 26 international historians.
The article "Crime and Punishment in Rwanda" was published by William Pruitt (Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice) in Contemporary Justice Review: Issues in Criminal, Social, and Restorative Justice by Taylor and Francis.  
M. Annette Clayton (Assistant Professor of Social Work and Internship Director ) authored an article titled "Context-Linked Influences on the Achievement Outcomes of African American Female High School Seniors" in the July 2017 issue of Children & Schools, Volume 39, Number 3.
Kathy Stolley (Professor of Sociology),
Takeyra Collins (Assistant Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies),
Patty Clark (former research librarian),
Diane Hotaling (former community service director), and Robin Takacs (Director of Instructional Technology) published a research article titled "Taking the Learning from Service Learning into the Postcollege World" in the Journal of Applied Social Science.
The American Press Institute published an article by Leslie Caughell (Assistant Professor of Political Science, Chair of the Political Science Department and Chair of the International Studies Program) on her current research on fact-checking, which was partially funded by the same organization. 
Profiles written by Leona Baker ( Director of Marketing and Communications) about three prominent local business women, were featured in the annual "Leading Ladies" issue of CoVa BIZ magazine. They include Jacqueline Amato (TowneBank), Suzy Kelly (Jo-Kell Inc) and Toni Stubbs (Cox Communications).
Terry Lindvall's categories of "Laugh" and "Laughter" in Christianity and in Film were mischievously published in The Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (Walter De Gruyter, 2017).
Other Accomplishments
Taryn Myers (left) was honored with an Early Career Achievement Award by the American Psychological Association at their 2017 National Convention. Myers was one of 10 psychologists to receive the annual award presented to individuals who have shown themselves to be rising stars, with great leadership under their belts and tremendous promise to change psychology for the better.  

Jill Sturts (Assistant Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies) was elected to serve in a Director-at-Large position on the Board of Directors for The Academy of Leisure Sciences. She will assist in supervising, directing, and controlling affairs of The Academy.
Jill Sturts served as faculty co-chair for the NIRSA School of Collegiate Recreation, a week-long school in which 48 collegiate recreation administrators were guided by faculty members to enrich their management, leadership, and problem solving skills.
A VFIC Instructional Technology grant, the INTEL Center and Academic Affairs made it possible for Joyce Easter (Dean of the Batten Honors College and Professor of Chemistry), Sue Erickson (Director of the Hofheimer Library), and Robin Takacs to attend to the Digital Pedagogy Institute Lab at University of Mary Washington in August 2017. During the summer of 2016, faculty members Linda Ferguson, Joyce Howell (Professor of Art History) and Sue Larkin (Professor of English) attended the same conference.
Leslie Caughell provided analysis of President Trump's remarks in response to the terror attack in Charlottesville to the Spanish publication, La Razon.
The Nieman Foundation at Harvard University published an article on Leslie Caughell's current research on fact-checking. 
Mashable interviewed Leslie Caughell to discuss the evolution of Pantsuit Nation and women's political activism after the election of President Trump.
Kathy Stolley received the Robert Ezra Park Award for Sociological Practice from the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology. The award recognizes "an outstanding sociologist who has made a special contribution demonstrating how sociological practice can advance and improve society."
Joyce Easter attended the 15th Annual POGIL National Meeting in St. Louis to continue work on the POGIL Project Strategic Planning as a member of the New Approaches to Advanced POGIL Practitioners working group.
Linda Ferguson (Dean of the Birdsong School of Social Science and Professor of Management, Business, and Economics)
completed the requirements for the Online Teaching Certificate offered by the Online Learning Consortium. This 10-month project was made possible by a Summer 2016 Faculty Development Grant. Silvia Braidic of Edinboro University mentored her through this process. 
Sophie Rondeau
received a tuition scholarship to attend the course, Beyond TEI: Metadata for Digital Humanities, at the 2017 Digital Humanities Summer Institute.
Mandy Reinig
M andy Reinig (Director of the Study Away Program, pictured above) received the 2017 Lily von Klemperer Award, which was presented during the 69th NAFSA Annual Conference in Los Angeles, California.
Technology Corner
Look for a new category in the October 1 VWU Faculty Focus edition that will highlight digital pedagogy by VWU faculty.  

Community Engagement
PORTfolio freshmen, Larry Hultgren (Professor of Philosophy and Director of the PORTfolio Program) and Robin Takacs made oyster cages at the Brock Center with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to be used to grow new oysters to help clean the Chesapeake Bay.

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