August 30, 2018
Upper-Year Student eNewsletter

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Important Dates & Deadlines 

September 1
Tuition and Student Activity Levy is due

September 3
Labour Day (University is closed)

September 5
Sidewalk sale

September 6
Fall term classes start

September 19
Last date to add/drop Fall term and multi-term classes without financial penalty

October 8
Thanksgiving Day (classes not held)

October 25-26

Swap, Drop, Enrol! 

Advising, Degree Quick-Checks and Section Swaps
September 6 - 14, 9am - 4pm
If you need academic advising or to make changes to your 6.0 unit course sections, labs or tutorials, you'll need to visit us. Do not try to make changes to 6.0 unit courses yourself. The Faculty office will be offering first-come, first-served academic advising and degree quick-checks  on the main floor of Dunning Hall. Please be prepared for lineups at this busy time.

Add and Drop Courses
If you need to add, drop or swap courses in SOLUS, here are some tutorials to refresh your memory: 

For more information visit our website.
You can add a certificate anytime to your Plan. It's easy. It only takes an email.  
Course Enrolment 
From August 21 - September 19, vacant courses are available for any student that meets the prerequisites to register in them on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are wishing to add a sixth class to your schedule, you can now do so on SOLUS.

Some courses you may want to consider are:

  • CLST102    Introduction to Greek Civilization 
  • GNDS120   Women, Gender, Difference
  • GEOL107   History of Life  
  • HIST124     Canada in the World 
  • MUSC171   Social History of Popular Music
  • RELS162    Religion, News and Media 
  • EMPR 260  Advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • CISC 151    Elements of Computing with Data Analytics
  • ASTR 102  Astronomy II: Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
  • LIBS 300   The Liberal Arts in the Contemporary World
  • BIOL 243   Introduction to Statistics
  • HIST 200   India and the World
  • WRIT 225  Writing in Academic Contexts 
  • WRIT 240  Writing for Social Media
Fall Term Break

Check out our video for information about the new Fall Term Break.

Fall Term Break
Looking for an online statistics course?
Need an introductory statistics course but can't fit an on-campus class into your schedule? Arts and Science Online is offering a new Introduction to Statistics course, BIOL 243, in place of STAT 263 online. Offered for the first time in Winter 2019, BIOL 243 online covers the same content and is taught by the same professor as GPHY 247/3.0, KNPE 251/3.0, NURS 323/3.0, POLS 385/3.0 and PSYC 202/3.0. It is also a substitution for STAT 263/3.0 in most Plans.
If you would like to take BIOL 243 Introduction to Statistics (online) as a core course in your Plan, we recommend that you check with your department's Undergraduate Chair first to ensure that this course will satisfy the department's requirement.

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FEES Reminder

Tuition and the Student Assistance Levy (SAL) for the Fall Term / Courses will be due on September 1st, 2018. Tuition and the Student Assistance Levy (SAL) for the Winter Term / Courses will be due on January 10th, 2019.

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