Fair Districts Campaign Updates

Dear Friends, 

As always, the push for redistricting reform is seeing exciting progress. Here are some of the latest updates!
Legislative Update
As you may have heard, with the progress of the Fair Districts campaign in signature gathering raising the profile and salience of the redistricting issue, the  Ohio General Assembly has formed a bipartisan "working group"  of four legislators to examine the issue of gerrymandering and design a plan the legislature could vote to place on the ballot as early as May of 2018.
The Fair Districts coalition has always supported a legislative solution, provided it includes certain features that ensure a fair and bipartisan process. Because monumental progress in petition circulation helped get us to this point and because continuing to hit milestones and make headlines will remind legislators that the will of the people is for meaningful reform, we will continue collecting signatures as the legislature debates.
On October 16, the Fair Districts campaign sent a letter to the four members of the working group, as well as leadership on both sides, letting them know our position and what elements we feel a reform proposal must feature.
Signature News
On the signature collection side, the Fair Districts campaign is excited to announce that we have over 152,000 verified signatures, which is halfway to the total needed to file. It is amazing that we have come this far solely as a grassroots volunteer effort. Please give yourselves a pat on the back and share the good news with your Fair Districts volunteers in your area. Click here for updated signature totals, including many counties that need a few hundred signatures - or less - to hit the 5 percent threshold!
Take Action
  • Collect more signatures - Early Vote and Election Day are the perfect times to collect signatures of registered, engaged voters. Sign up to slay the gerrymander on Election Day and during early voting, or get out to local fall festivals and football games.The more strength and support we show in our signature totals, the more legislators know Ohioans care about redistricting.
  • Contact legislators - Let your representatives know that you support redistricting reform featuring key elements to ensure a fair and bipartisan process. Use information from the letter sent by the campaign to call your Senator and Representative and make sure they know what characteristics you support.
  • Support the campaign - Working on gerrymandering takes resources. Donate online today, or mail a check to:
Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio
c/o League of Women Voters of Ohio
17 S. High St., suite 650
Columbus, OH 43215

Thank you for helping us put Fair Districts on the ballot! Keep up the great work!

Yours in League, 

Carrie Davis
Executive Director 
League of Women Voters of Ohio
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