Metro Multifamily Housing Association

You may have already received this information from us, but the MMHA Board feels so strongly about the importance of this message, that we wanted to make sure every member was aware of the Fair Housing audits.


The Oregonian recently published the results from Fair Housing testing conducted by the Fair Housing Council of Oregon. The City of Portland has sent a letter to all the companies/landlords that were part of the audit and where a violation may have occurred. The names of those who received a letter was released to the public/media this week. MMHA has prepared a response for members to use if they wish. If you have questions or would like a copy of the response please contact the office.

Statement from the Metro Multifamily Housing Association  

Board of Directors

Metro Multifamily Housing Association's (MMHA) Board of Directors is deeply troubled by the results of the recent Fair Housing tests.


Landlords have a legal and moral obligation to offer the same opportunities and use the same policies for everyone. When Fair Housing laws are broken, violators should be held accountable. At the same time, Fair Housing education has never been more important to keep community awareness high and landlords operating legally.


As an organization dedicated to quality rental housing, we need to step up our efforts to ensure Fair Housing laws are adhered to in all rental transactions. We are taking immediate action to address the issue:


  • Developing strict protocols and consistent materials to ensure the same information and available units are shared during preliminary interviews.
  • Increasing the frequency of Fair Housing training and expanding training partnerships with county and city housing agencies to ensure consistent, available training for all landlords, and to raise the visibility of Fair Housing responsibilities.
  • Supporting expanded Fair Housing audits that ensure frequent, independent feedback on compliance with Fair Housing laws.


Taking these steps is a priority for the MMHA Board of Directors and the Association commits to implementing all of these measures in the next 90 days.


Fair Housing isn't just the law of the land; it is the right thing for all of us to do, and our commitment to every person that wants to call a rental their home.

Visit MMHA's Fair Housing page for more information including upcoming educational opportunities, MMHA rental forms and links to recent media coverage of the Fair Housing audits.