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Visit FairTSA at BioFach
Representatives from FairTSA will attend BioFach 2022 this July 26-29 in Germany. Please visit us anytime at Booth 2-204 or make an appointment today by emailing ryan@fairtsp.com. We look forward to seeing you there! 
Standard 4.12
FairTSA’s newest Standard Version is 4.12. We have made a few more minor changes and the Standard is currently available in English and Spanish. Together with Standard Version 4.12, we have also created a completely overhauled set of inspection documents. They are available in English and Spanish from our website for all cooperating certification agencies. Please contact us for the password if you don’t already have one. One of the significant changes is the new certificate format. It is described in Appendix I of the Standard. Certificates are now valid for 18 months and extension letters can be provided for up to an additional 6 months. 
New Procedure for FairTSA Certification Applicants
Starting July 1, we are also instituting a new procedure. All prospective producer organizations wishing to become FairTSA certified must complete the FairTSA Producer Webinar and submit the FairTSA application before the first inspection. We will confirm that the producer organization participated in the webinar and submitted the application via an emailed letter, also copied to the respective certification agency. Only with this letter can the first inspection be scheduled.
Community Development in South America
This year in South America, FairTSA is proud to introduce two new Community Development Projects: La Samaria growing bananas in Colombia and La Campina Peru growing ginger and turmeric. La Samaria proposed three separate initiatives, including a water purification system for the community, a housing improvement program, as well as classroom construction for child education. The housing constructions are varied, improving the living conditions, safety, comfort, and sustainability of worker homes. The new classroom constructed is well-lit, safe, and enclosed in order to provide a place where folks can gather to learn. La Campina Peru has developed an education effort as well, providing educational supplies to the children of farmer families. Agricultural tools were also bought and transportation offered through the remote rural areas. These FairTSA Community Development Projects were decided upon in a democratic and inclusive way by the community, and when completed directly benefit the daily lives of those who grow our food.
Climate Change & the Food System 
FairTSA recently launched a social media campaign to highlight the connection between climate change and the food system, and the work our organization is doing to build climate resilience, promote food justice, and implement mitigation measures worldwide. Below are a selection of slides highlighting different aspects of this important work, from the perspective of producers, consumers, and licensees. Check out the full series on our Facebook!
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