The Newsletter of the Fairfield County Children's Choir 

Vol.17 No. 3                                 

Spring 2018

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F rom the Music Director
 Jon Noyes
Greetings and Happy Spring! Since the last newsletter we have been very busy with many events, including six performances in December, the FCCC Broadway Concert in February, the Faure Requiem with the Greater Bridgeport Symphony, a collaboration with the Duke University Chorale, the Kids4Kids Concert with the Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestras in March and the wedding of Bill Haber, a major Hollywood and Broadway producer, in April. In this newsletter you will find the schedule of our upcoming events and lots of other news and information. I want to highly recommend and direct your attention to the incredible letter from Cami and Mike Boehme, FCCC parents. read more...
From The President
Marina Philips
As we come to the end of our 23rd season, on behalf of the FCCC Board of Directors, I would like to thank all of our choristers and conductors for giving us another fantastic year filled with great music, starting with the Sound Tiger's Opening Night in October and ending with the Spring Concert in May and the Summer Tour to California in July.

Thank you to board members Joan McKenzie, Marie Sacco and Francine Wilder for organizing the caroling events... read more
Join us for our final concert of the season, celebrate Spring, Song and Mom!
For tickets, please visit: The Klein 
Parent and Alumni Letters
The memo below was received following the FCCC Winter Concert
nder the heading "Committed to (and grateful for) the cho i r !" Many thanks to Cami Boehme fo r sharing her news and her thoughts. The second memo is from an FCCC alum, Annie Huber, who shares her exciting travels and heartfelt reflections.   read more... 
Chorister Profiles-FCCC Seniors!
We say a fond farewell to all of our graduating seniors. Best wishes to Dasha Bazile, Alexandra Blitzer, Abby Bruce, Blaise Carter, Isabella Cassone, Liana Dunnell, Emily Erikson, Caitlin Golynker, Sara Grant, Reyes Huerta and Jackie Konstanty. They have given so much of their talents and time to our choir!

In addition, we congratulate five of these seniors who will receive our Choral Scholar Award. This is given to choristers who have been members of the FCCC for the maximum term of nine years. We are so happy that these seniors 'found us' way back in 2009 when they were finishing third grade!! They are
Blaise Carter, Isabella Cassone, Liana Dunnell, Alexandra Blitzer and Caitlin Golynker. We have enjoyed reading the profiles of this group. We have one final profile for this edition of Quarternotes - you will now meet Reyes Huerta.

Name: Reyes Huerta 
Age: 18
School: Bassick High School  
Town: Bridgeport
Favorite FCCC Song: Veni, veni Emmanuel, Messe Brève No. 4 in C, and I Feel the Earth Move   
In Your Own Words: 
I can't thank my parents and Mrs. Carter, my voice teacher, enough for the passion that I have for singing in this choir. Just a few years ago I never thought of singing. Especially at a children's choir. I want to thank my parents for helping me to realize the talent that I had for singing and Mrs. Carter for being my vocal instructor and for being basically another parent for me. She taught me to expand the many genres that I now sing. I really wish I would have known of Mrs. Carter and FCCC much sooner. I'm fairly new to choral music, but there is one quote that I would like to give to all former, current and future FCCC singers: "La disciplina, tarde o temprano vencerá a la inteligencia." ("Discipline will sooner or later overcome intelligence.") That is, it is important to have talent, but it is more important to be disciplined to achieve success. Thanks to Mr. Noyes and all the FCCC staff and singers for having me being part of this beautiful and extraordinary choir!      
Auditions for the 2018 - 2019 season will take place in May and June. Present choristers/parents may sign-up for an audition appointment at rehearsals. Prospective new members may register for an appointment by calling 203-414-4292. The audition is just seven minutes in length and consists of singing an easy song such as Frère Jacques or America and echoing a few melodic patterns. Click here for details! 

FCCC Concerts & Events
As we head into the final months of the 2017 - 2018 season we are preparing for some truly incredible performances! Read on to find the details of these events.

On Wednesday, April 25 the FCCC Chamber Singers will perform at Fairfield's Holocaust Commemoration Ceremony. This is one of the most profound events we undertake each year. Not only do we perform an important community service but the opportunity to be a witness to history as told by Holocaust survivors is an extraordinary educational and emotional experience. The program takes place at 7:30 P.M. at First Church Congregational (148 Beach Road) and is open to the public.  read more...

 Concert Calendar 2018-2019
(CS-Chamber Singers; CC-Concert Choir; CH-Chorale; Ch-Chorus)

April 25
Fairfield Holocaust Commemoration - 7:30 PM Fairfield (CS)
May 12
Spring Concert - Imagine the Song,
Klein Auditorium - 7:00 PM

May 28
Carmina Burana at David Geffen Hall/Lincoln Center (CS+)
July 6-15
Summer Tour to California (CS)
December 2
Winter Concert - Klein Auditorium - 3:00 PM

February 2
Winter Concert, Broadway Concert & Auction
Klein Auditorium - 7:00 PM, Auction - 5:30 PM

May 11
Spring Concert - Klein Auditorium - 7:00 PM
Remember the FCCC motto:
"Have Fun Being Awesome!"
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both as musicians and as responsible, caring young adults. Your support makes it possible for us to bring our world-class choir experience to musically talented children, many of whom receive tuition assistance. Your gift is tax deductible and we gratefully thank you for your generosity.  Donate Here!