Faith and Families Newsletter
December 8, 2017
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Letter from Robert
O Come Thou Wisdom
Dear Friends,
              You may have sung with us in worship this past Sunday, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” This song, from the 9 th century expresses a longing by God’s people for the coming of Christ into our hearts and homes. Each verse gives a different name/title for the Messiah and expresses a particular longing.  I think this is a great prayer song for parents.  No matter where you are in the parenting journey there are days when you have a longing for the support of God in the task of being a good parent.
              This week I found myself praying, “O Come Thou Wisdom from on high!” as I struggled to make a decision in a particular parenting moment. The bible teaches us that we can ask God for wisdom and that God will give it generously. (James 1:5). Sometimes the wisdom of God isn’t what we want to hear though. We have something else in mind that requires less of us and that leaves us with more power. But this isn’t the way of Jesus, who gave up his place on the throne and was born as a child in a manger and then gave his life on a cross.
              Parenting can require deep sacrifices too. Let’s just make sure we are seeking God’s wisdom through the pages of scripture, through our community of faith, and through our own spiritual disciplines before making those big decisions. May you find the gift of wisdom under your tree and in your heart this Christmas!      

 To God be the Glory!

P.S. We made some progress last week but we aren’t there yet!! We still need your help to reach out pledge goals for the 2018 budget! The 274 family units have pledged over $1.22 MILLION to the ministry of DCPC in 2018. The re are still more than 250 families who have not pledged . IF YOU HAVE NOT YET SUBMITTED YOUR PLEDGE PLEASE DO SO TODAY?? We can reach our goal if everyone on the TEAM does their part! We can succeed with God’s help and your pledge! CLICK HERE to make your pledge online!

Upcoming Stuff
White Gift Christmas Pageant
      White Gift Christmas Pageant will take place at 5 p.m. in the sanctuary THIS SUNDAY, December 10th. There will be a collection of food as part of the White Gift Christmas Pageant, which will be distributed to families through Loaves and Fishes at the Ada Jenkins Center.   Please bring any or all of the following: rice, tomato or pasta Sauce, canned fruit/fruit cups (no added sugar), 100% fruit juice and/or oatmeal or grits. (No foods that need refrigeration, please.) Join us afterward in the Congregation House for a soup and sandwich supper prepared by Chef Eric. Donations are needed to off set the cost of food.

Stephen Ministry is for PARENTS too!
Parenting can be a lonely and difficult job. Whatever your circumstances, if you’d appreciate someone to journey with you for a bit (you decide how long), DCPC Stephen Ministers are ready to offer confidential, Christian, one-to-one support (men with men, women with women). Would some encouragement or listening make a difference for you? Email  stephenministry@dcpc.org or talk to a pastor for additional information. 

If there are concerns or joys that you would like to have listed here please email me at ralexander@dcpc.org  so that we might keep one another in prayer.

Jon Martin and family –Jon Martin’s brother, Lee Martin, died this past week after a long struggle with cancer. Please pray for Jon and Missy and their family as they grieve. A service for Lee will be held this Saturday in Greensboro.

Charles Houck and family- Charles Houck's mother, Elizabeth "Molly" DeLoache, died December 8th.

Cambria Nielsen and family – Cambria’s father, Julius Melton, died on November 20 th . We surround Cambria, her mom Ann, and their whole family in prayer.

Charlotte Neal – Charlotte is recovering from jaw replacement surgery.

Jeff Osman – We continue to pray for Jeff and his family as he awaits a possible liver transplant.

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